News Roundup: Lee Seo-won’s sexual assault allegations, Yoochun and fiance’s break-up, and more!

We’ve got big ugly news this week from sexual allegations to break-up announcements. Let’s take a look at the week that was:

1. Lee Seo-won accused of sexually harassing and threatening a colleague

Blossom Entertainment has confirmed up and coming actor Lee Seo-won is being investigated for sexually molesting and threatening a female colleague.

In a statement, the agency said, “We found out it’s something that occurred while he was drinking with acquaintances. We have no excuse or explanation to give. We bow our heads in apology to everyone. Actor Lee Seo Won also acknowledges his actions and is deeply reflecting on the careless and wrong way he acted towards the other party and caused worry to so many. Once again, we deeply and sincerely apologize to everyone, and he will faithfully follow through with the investigation.

The actor has been since from Music Bank, where is an MC, and his upcoming drama About Time, which has to refilm all his scenes, now with actor Kim Dong-jun.


2. Park Yoochun and fiancee Hwang Hana break up ahead of wedding

C-JeS Entertainment has confirmed controversial actor Park Yoochun has indeed broken up with fiancee Hwang Hana.

The agency stated “Yoochun and Hwang Hana recently ended their romantic relationship. We ask for your understanding as we can’t give more information on their personal lives. Thank you.”

When the news broke out, Hwang Hana denied that they parted ways but later confirmed the report.

When will we ever hear pleasant news around Yoochun?


3. Actor Oh Dal-soo hospitalized following his sexual harassment allegations

According to reports, veteran actor Oh Dal-soo, who moved to Busan following his sexual harassment controversy, is currently hospitalized.

Oh Dal-soo reportedly only ate two bowls of rice for the past month and depended on alcohol. The poor diet worsened his physical and mental stress.

Back in February, Oh Dal-soo was accused of sexual harassment in midst of the #MeToo movement.


4. Yoon Si-yoon and Jin Se-yeon deny dating rumors

Grand Prince co-stars Yoon Si-yoon and Jin Se-yeon ultimately belie circulating reports that they are dating. Yoon Si-yoon’s label said, “The rumors are baseless. They’ve never even met outside of filming.” Jin Se-yeon’s label added, “It’s not true at all. The two were close on set and they praised each other during the final interview, and that seems to have led to dating rumors.


5. Former TEEN TOP member L.Joe and TOP Media resolve legal dispute

Former TEEN TOP member L.Joe and his label TOP Media have come to an agreement. It’s been revealed that the two have come to a legal agreement, and both sides have decided to withdraw their lawsuits. According to TOP Media, the agreement was that L.Joe would carry out a contract which was re-written according to L.Joe’s requests. L.Joe completed the final parts of the (adjusted) contract on May 11, and the contract between them has officially come to an end on good terms.



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Hammurabi‘s official posters

Posters for highly anticipated sci-fi drama Are You Human Too?

Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young are oozing with chemistry in Why Secretary Kim




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