Kim Dong-wook, Kim Jae-wook, Jung Eun-chae cast in OCN thriller Hand: The Guest

Kim Dong-wook (Radiant Office), Kim Jae-wook (Temperature of Love), and Jung Eun-chae (Return) have all been confirmed to join the upcoming OCN drama Hand: The Guest (tentative title).

The drama will be a reunion project for Kim Jae-wook and director Kim Hong-sun of another OCN drama Voice. The script will be penned by Kwon So-ra and Seo Jae-woon.

Hand: The Guest will feature the adventure of three people who will work together to help those possessed by evil spirits through a combination of Korean-style exorcism and shamanism.

Kim Dong-wook will lead the cast as the psychic Yoon Hwa-pyung, a free-spirited shaman who has the commitment to get rid of evil spirits, but hides a dark secret.

Kim Jae-wook will appear as the cold and cynical priest Choi Yoon, while Jung Eun-chae will portray the detective Kang Gil-young.

Hand: The Guest premieres sometime in September.


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