K-Drama Reaction: My Ahjussi | Episode 13

“The people of this world think that outside things cause discord within their hearts and that outside things fill their hearts with joy…that is a delusion.”

~ Monk Gyeom-duk

The beauty that is My Ahjussi continues in Episode 13. Let me share with you five of my favorite moments from this chapter.

When Park Dong-hoon defended Lee Ji-an in front of the Board. After lecturing the directors on the structural integrity of his designs and on “resonance phenomenon,” the Earnest Ahjussi stood his ground in defending Ji-an when Director Yoon tried to attack him personally using the Stoic Agassi.

Director Yoon went so low that he revealed Ji-an’s dark past of killing someone. Dong-hoon stood up for her by explaining that it was not murder but justifiable self defense. He even mentioned that anyone, including him, could have done the same if they were put in Ji-an’s shoes.

I felt so proud of Dong-hoon when he emphasized that she should not be judged once again after being found innocent by the law. He also questioned Director Yoon’s motive in digging up Ji-an’s past when the law was trying to protect her by ensuring that her criminal history wouldn’t be exposed.

Dong-hoon’s “isn’t it only humane to try and let others forget their past as much as we want to forget our own” line brought tears to Ji-an’s eyes for finally someone has stood up to protect her dignity.

When Sang-hoon tearfully apologized to Kang Yoon-hee. PDnim did a wonderful job in differentiating the reaction of Dong-hoon’s brothers after finding out Yoon-hee’s infidelity. The two were like yin and yang. Ki-hoon went haywire to the point of cursing and fighting his brother, while Sang-hoon chose the silent weeping road.

Maybe because he’s the funny one that’s why it hit me more whenever Sang-hoon tries to fight off his tears. He also acted like the voice of reason and stopped Ki-hoon from further hurting Dong-hoon.

Sang-hoon showed his maturity and how much he loves his brother when talking with Yoon-hee over the phone. Instead of being furious like Ki-hoon, he tearfully said sorry to his brother’s wife. He apologized to her for not knowing that she was suffering all alone because of them.

When Jung-hee confronts Monk Gyeom-duk. This one got me really emotional as Jung-hee has a special place in my heart. She mustered the courage to go to Gyeom-duk’s temple and poured out her feelings.

It felt like letting out a big sigh of relief when Jung-hee emotionally told Gyeom-duk how much she has been suffering because of him. She even threatened the monk that she’ll burn down the temple if he doesn’t go with her. But after all of Jung-hee’s tearful plea and shouting session, the scene ended with her going home alone and him staying in a world of his own.

When Ji-an got to hear Dong-hoon’s gratitude. Though Ji-an’s spying on Dong-hoon is undeniably wrong, we can’t deny the fact that it helped him several times. And through the spy ware, the Stoic Agassi was able to know how much Dong-hoon appreciates her.

He completely tore down her cold walls when he said, “When you fell like you want to die, don’t die. You’re a decent person. Hang in there. The mere fact that there is someone cheering me on like that helps me breathe…thanks for being by my side.”

When Section Chief Song displayed his loyalty yet anew. The day after Ji-an’s interview with the Board, Director Yoon lashed out his anger at the Stoic Agassi in front of the whole Team Three. And in the middle of Director Yoon’s wrath and accusation that something fishy is going on in Dong-hoon’s team,  Section Chief Song blurted out that he likes Ji-an.

In this chapter and previous episodes, he always try to pacify Dong-hoon and stop him from acting harshly. His loyalty makes him like a huggable teddy bear.

Tipsy Findings

Here are some My Ahjussi behind the scene pics from IU’s Instagram.

Here’s one from Hello Venus Nara.

The whole My Ahjussi cast and crew from actor Ahn Seung-kyoon’s page.

❤ With My Ahjussi Episode 13 ending with Ji-an leaving, how will things turn out at Dong-hoon’s company? Let’s find out in Ep 14.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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