K-Drama Reaction: About Time | Episode 2

Now that Choi Mi-ka (the name I will be using from now on) has learned that she could actually make her life clock stopped by being near Lee Do-ha, could she find a way to maintain her close proximity with him?

Mission: Make Him Mine

How far can you go when it’s your life that’s on the line. For Mika (Lee Sung-kyung), it’s everything from making a fool out of herself to swallowing her pride.

Mi-ka, the actress that she is, used iconic Korean movie scenes to seduce Do-ha (Lee Sang-yoon) like:

Popping up out of nowhere to share her her umbrella during a rainy day.

Dancing like crazy at a bar to lure him.

And trying to kiss Do-ha.

But honestly, I didn’t know they were movie scenes if Do-ha didn’t point it out.

And when I thought it’s all useless, it seemed like it actually worked because Do-ha can’t get her out of his mind. Even having hallucinations that she’s in front of him.

And after hearing her sing a moving song, we knew (but not Do-ha) that he’s smitten by her.

But Do-ha’s not an easy prey as he repeatedly tried to push her way, but just like what Miss Oh (Kim Hae-soo) said, sincerity is the key.

And that’s where my concern comes in that when the time comes Do-ha falls in love with her and finds out that she approached him merely for the reason to survive, it could mean the end for the two. Well, maybe, I’m just overthinking. Forgive me, I’m a born worrier.

For now, let’s enjoy watching how the romance between them slowly unfolds.

BUT, did I see it correctly? That not only did her life clock stop when he holds her, but it actually added time to her lifespan. This is getting more interesting.


If there’s another thing Mi-ka is blessed with, it’s having wonderful friends.

Jeon Sung-hee (Han Seung-yeon)’s very old school ‘you’re-my-savior’ plot might not work, but she is definitely a dependable friend. One who supports you all the way.

While she’s got the action, Miss Oh’s got the wisdom.

Whether it’s love or life, nothing goes according to your plan. It’s best to do your best and not regret it.

– Miss Oh


She’s one of my favorite characters so far. Can someone enroll me in Kim Hae-sook’s School of Acting?


Why did every time I see Kim Dong-jun on screen, I kept thinking about the struggle the production had gone through to refilm his scenes. And I’m really not buying his oversized wardrobe. I mean, he can get buried in those.

On a more positive note, Lee Sung-kyung might have not sung the song perfectly, but this girl’s got real talent. The lyrics to the song is also very beautiful.

I enjoyed this episode more than the pilot episode. I just hope the story gets better and better as it progresses. What are your thoughts?

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