K-Drama Reaction: Lawless Lawyer | Episode 2

“This fight… We’ll fight this fight together from now on.” ~ Bong Sang-pil


Woah, I’ve only watched two episodes so far, but I’m already so much invested in it! I was surprised to realize that the woman who hold on to Detective Woo Hyung-man (Lee Dae-yeon) to let the young Sang-pil (Lee Joon-gi) flee from the bad guys is none other than Ha Jae-yi’s (Seo Ye-ji) omma. This explains why Jae-yi’s mother never came back that night. Awww, I can already imagine how painful it would be for Jae-yi and her father once they learned about the truth that the loved one they’re hoping to be alive is already dead… or maybe not since we didn’t see that she actually died. It’s just so unfortunate that Jae-yi’s mother was at the wrong place at the wrong time. It seems to me that she got hit by the car Detective Woo and Sang-pil were riding when it flipped over.

This also explains why Sang-pil did a background check on Jae-yi and seems to be very interested in her. It felt a bit weird when he hired Jae-yi instantly, but now I totally get it. Maybe it’s one of Sang-pil’s ways to pay back to Jae-yi’s mother for saving his life before. Despite this, I’m not setting aside the possibility that Sang-pil is also doing what he’s doing because he’s interested in Jae-yi not only because she’s the daughter of the ahjumma who saved his life but because he sees her as a woman.


It’s now also clear to me why Sang-pil wants to get Detective Woo out of prison so badly. It’s because he wants to kill him on his own. Woah… oppa is really scary when he’s angry. His eyes are spitting laser beams plus his sharp jawline can also be a lethal weapon. Just kidding. But seriously, he’s really scary, but I can’t blame him for wanting Detective Woo dead. Seeing your own mother be brutally killed right in front of your eyes is a terrible and traumatic sight as a kid, and I myself might also do the same thing if I were in his shoes.

I know Detective Woo doesn’t deserve any pity, but I couldn’t help but feel bad for him. Imagine, you were being pinned down for a crime you didn’t commit, and the friend you thought would help you is actually the one who wants you stay in jail out of fear that you would cause him harm. Maybe because he knows too many about Pres. Ahn Oh-joo (Choi Min-soo) that’s why the latter wants to silence him by putting him behind bars? But why doesn’t he just kill this detective once and for all to silence him forever? It’s not as if he’s not use to murdering people.

But what I’m more curious to know is the motive behind the evil connection between Pres. Ahn and Judge Cha Moon-sook (Lee Hye-young). What is it that they want? Power? Money? Or the whole of Gisung? But Judge Cha is already influential that even international media are praising her ‘respectable’ deeds, which earned her the nickname Mother Theresa of Gisung. Pres. Ahn, meanwhile, already owns a conglomerate, which means he already has tons of money. And now, he’s poised to be the new mayor of Gisung following the incumbent mayor’s murder.

I also want to know what is in that memory card that Judge Cha and Pres. Ahn are desperately after? Is it so important that they would kill just to have it?

Stick around for our K-Drama Reaction on the next episode!

P.S. Lee Joon-gi oppa’s action scenes are daebak as always!

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