K-Drama Reaction: Secret Mother | Episodes 5-6

“You should’ve kept your nose out of my business.”

– Kim Yoon-jin

Color me confused. Although I’m still enjoying the mystery element of this show, I’m really having a hard time figuring out what really happened to Kim Yoon-jin (Song Yoon-ah)’s daughter. Did someone take her away and vanished completely? Did she die after getting hit by a vehicle? Or Was she hit by a vehicle as she was being taken away?

Who’s the suspect? Who’s the victim?

The peculiar thing is Yoon-jin is after the woman who’s also after her. Yoon-jin believes Kim Eun-young was the one responsible for what happened to her child and she would do anything to track her down. However, Lisa Kim (Kim So-yeon) is the real Kim Eun-young who’s going after Yoon-jin to find out what really happened to her younger sister. Theorizing that her younger sibling was the one who posed as her, she’ll soon discover that Yoon-jin’s a victim, not the culprit.

I’m glad that the drama pointed out that Yoon-jin is suffering from post-traumatic syndrome disorder (PTSD) or the state where similar events trigger memories of a tragic incident which causes the patient great anxiety. I’m no medical expert, that I would dismiss what’s happening to Yoon-jin as just being panicky or impulsive, but I’m wondering how could it remain obscured from her doctor mother-in-law that she even wanted to bring her back to work.

Yoon-jin’s PTSD coupled with her desperation is a total disaster formula as it always puts her in compromising circumstances. I’m now wondering how many times there would be someone to rescue her in dangerous situations.

A new enemy

If there’s one thing Lisa should be worried about is trying to create another foe. Her move to tell Hye-kyung (Seo Young-hee) she followed her to the parking lot, implying that she might have seen her making out with Instructor Min surely worked as a disadvantage for her. We see how Hye-kyung suddenly changed from being neutral towards to Lisa to becoming unfavorable towards her.

I shall now proclaim Hye-kyung is part of the list of suspects who tried to kill Lisa in the pilot episode.


I’m not privy on how the divorce will work out for Myung Hwa-sook (Kim Jae-hwa) and her husband’s plan to send their daughter to a good school aside that it would get her recommendation letter from single parents. But it was tremendous to see how far these two could get for the sake of their child’s education. First world problems.

Now that Yoon-jin knows Lisa approached her with a different motive, and the tutor discovering what happened to Yoon-jin and her daughter, could this be the start of their alliance? or the other way around?

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