K-Drama Reaction: My Ahjussi | Episode 14

“It makes me feel so lonely…the feeling that I’m the only one not rolling forward.”

~ Jung-hee

After Park Dong-hoon’s painstaking interview with the Board and Lee Ji-an quitting her job, allow me to take you to the two major events that occurred in My Ahjussi Episode 14.

Omma, Hooghye and Team Three’s Pride

The day that CEO Do Joon-young fears the most has finally arrived, signing Dong-hoon’s official appointment as a director. But aside from being satisfied to see Joon-young’s crumpled face, what really made this moment special was the way the Earnest Ahjussi’s family, subordinates and the whole neighborhood reacted to his promotion.

You can sincerely see the mixture of happiness and relief in the faces of Dong-hoon’s three musketeers.

The fact that they did not only hug Dong-hoon but each other as well tells how they consider his success theirs and how proud they are of him.

The reaction of Section Chief Song after finding out Dong-hoon’s promotion is just priceless.

Have you ever been so happy that you can’t stop your hands from hitting someone? That was mom’s reaction when Sang-hoon and Ki-hoon delivered her the good news. It felt so real and relatable that it made me genuinely feel elated for the Earnest Ahjussi.

Jung-hee’s bar was filled with joyful ahjussis when the whole neighborhood celebrated Dong-hoon’s promotion. Another testament to the strong bond of Dong-hoon’s childhood friends.

Drops of Truth

You might thought that everything would have been resolved by Dong-hoon’s promotion, but you’re wrong. New conflicts arose and things just got messier.

The cops have caught Ki-beom and during the interrogation, Director Park was able to connect him with Ji-an. Through him, Dong-hoon found out that his phone is actually bugged. He also thought of the times that Ji-an could have been listening to him.

Joon-young, on the other hand, revealed to Dong-hoon how Ji-an started this chaos. He told him that it was Ji-an who offered to get him and Director Park fired in exchange of money.

Joon-young stated that he’s the biggest victim in the situation since the Stoic Agassi betrayed him after taking his money. And though this is true, he still earned Dong-hoon’s ire and received numerous punches in the face.

Tipsy Findings

Here is IU’s cover of My Ahjussi OST Adult which was originally sung by artist Sondia.

❤ The ending of this episode is one hell of a cliffhanger with Dong-hoon saying into his phone, “Lee Ji-an. Lee Ji-an. Call me.” Let’s find out how Ji-an will respond in Episode 15.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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