K-Drama Reaction: The Undateables | Episodes 3-4

They can’t escape their intertwined fates.

That Column

Kang Hoon-nam (Namgoong Min) and Yoo Jung-eum’s (Hwang Jung-eum) fates were really connected. I’m assuming they were neighborhood friends of something similar before. There were indications that they knew each other before but probably don’t remember it at all. Jung-eum’s father seems to be familiar with Hoon-nam’s Assemblyman father.

Aside from that, the matriarch of Hoon-nam’s family wasn’t his biological mother. All these teasers are making me excited to learn more about this sangnamja.

Anyway, why do I think that Hoon-nam actually enjoys writing those articles? I mean it looks like an easy-peasy task for him to do. But I think he’ll probably hate the stint soon as it was used as the key element to making him and Jeong-eum cross paths again.

That Friend

We all deserve a Choi Joon-soo (Choi Tae-joon) in our lives. Someone who will bring us ice cream when we’re down and do absurd things to help us. It will also be nice if he looks cute like him too. Anyway, my theory of him secretly harboring feelings for Jung-eum turned out to be wrong. He is probably unaware that he likes his friend in a romantic way. That description of his ideal girl was really really Jung-eum.

Also, darn that cute ice cream moment. I’m sensing that the second lead game is strong in this series.

That Woman

I laughed so hard when the three troubled men realized they were just talking about one persistent woman. Jung-eum is always causing trouble for Hoon-nam that I wonder how this girl would change his mind. She really needed some strong assistance for that mission to match those so-called ‘undateables’ or Zero Members.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

So that’s where the English title came from. Jung-eum’s mission is the essential thing needed to finally start the whole plot. After watching the premiere, I was wondering how will these two people get involved with each other. It turns out it wouldn’t be that complicated. I’m quite excited to see more screen time of them together because they were just really exploding chemistry. There is no doubt they are the best part of this series.

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts

– This picture actually creeps me out.

– When you hate your job:

– Jung-eum’s aegyo is funny ㅋㅋ

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