News Roundup: Go Kyung-pyo’s military enlistment, Lee El-Kim Jae-wook dating rumors, Seo In-guk-Park Bo-ram breakup, and more!

We got you covered fam! In case you missed the buzz from the K-Dramaland, here’s your weekly dose of K-world news.

  • Suzy apologizes to photo studio mistakenly tagged in Yang Ye-won controversy

suzy yang ye won apology

On May 19, Suzy (While You Were Sleeping), through Instagram, writes an apology to the studio that was mistakenly mentioned in the government petition involving YouTuber Yang Ye-won’s sexual harassment issue. She stated, “I recently learned about a studio receiving damages due the change in ownership and studio name, which was (included])in the recent government petition that I signed in support for. It felt like there was more damage done because I had showed support of the [petition], and so I’d like to relay my apologies to the studio. Even though it was about doing something good, it’s definitely my fault for not looking carefully. Even now, I feel like I must let people know that this studio does not have anything to do with this issue, which is why I am posting this. But still, apart from this, I hope that those who are seeking for the truth to be revealed about this case continue hoping for that.”

  • Lee El’s label denies dating rumors with Kim Jae-wook

Lee el kim jae wook scandal dating

Lee El’s (Hwayugi) agency denies dating rumors with Kim Jae-wook (Temperature of Love) after the controversial May 19 Instagram post of the actress showing a sleeping and topless picture of the actor. Her label explained that the photo in question was taken at the theater waiting room when the two played as husband and wife in Amadeus.

Lee el k jae wook dating scandal

  • Go Kyung-pyo enters military, agency denies dating scandal

Go kyung pyo military enlistment

Beloved actor Go Kyung-pyo (Cross) whom we all came to love as the filial and charming Sun-woo in the hit tvN drama Reply 1988 officially enters the military on May 21 as an active duty soldier. On the same date, the actor’s agency dispelled dating rumors claiming Go Kyung-pyo was recently seen holding hands with a woman outside of a restaurant in Seoul.

  • IU’s reps file lawsuit vs malicious commenters

iu files lawsuit against malicious commenters

IU’s (My Ahjussi) label, Fave Entertainment takes legal action versus malicious commenters. The agency announces that they have filed a defamation lawsuit at the Seoul Gangnam Police Distrcit. Fave Entertainment also stated that they will not have negotiations with the writers of malicious rumors and sexually harassing comments.

  • Lee Seo-won apologizes over sexual harassment issue

Lee Seo-won

Actor Lee Seo-won (Hospital Ship) issues apology after he was charged for sexually harassing and threatening a female celebrity with a knife. On May 24, after he was interrogated for four hours at the Seoul District Public Prosecutors’ Office he stated, “A moment ago, when I was entering (the room), I was nervous and flustered, so I couldn’t say anything. But I answered sincerely in response to the investigation. I want to apologize to the victim as well as to everyone else.” He also said that he was not able to meet with the victim yet but that he wants to sincerely apologize.

  • Kim Yoo-jung to resume Clean with Passion for Now filming

kim yoo jung

JTBC sources confirm that upcoming drama Clean with Passion for Now will resume its filming following improvements in Kim Yoo-jung’s (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds) health. Unfortunately, Ahn Hyo-seop (My Father is Strange) had to leave the cast due to scheduling conflicts after the drama’s shoot was delayed.

  • Seo In-guk and Park Bo-ram break up

Seo in guk park boram breakup

Last May 24, agencies of singer-turned actor Seo In-guk (Shopping King Louie) and fellow Superstar K alum Park Bo-ram have confirmed that the two have parted ways after two years of dating.

Drama Stills and Teasers

To our dearest ahjummamshies, let us flood you with drama stills, posters and previews!

Lotte Duty Free’s Secret Queen Makers – Go Won Hee, Lee Jun-ki, 2PM’s Chansung, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Hwang Chi-yeol, and EXO’s Chanyeol and Sehun

Are You Human, Too? – Seo Kang-joon and Gong Seung-yeon (KBS, June 4)



What’s Wrong Secretary Kim? – Park Seo-joon, Park Min-young, Lee Tae-hwan (tvN, June 6)

what's wrong with secretary kim poster ahjummamshies



Four Men – Park Hae-jin, Nana, Kwak Si-yang (TV Chosun, July 2018)

park hae jin four sons ahjummamshies




The Undateables – Namgoong Min (SBS, May 23)

nam goong min undatebales stills ahjummamshies

About Time – Lee Sang-yoon, Lee Sung-kyung, Im Se-mi , Dong-jun (tvN, May 21)






Come and Hug Me – Jang Ki-yong, Jin Ki-joo (MBC, May 16)

jang ki yong come here and hug me stills ahjummamshies

jin ki joo come here and hug me stills ahjummamshies

Wok of Love – 2PM’s Junho (SBS, May 7)

2pm junho wok of love stils ahjummamshieswok of love junho 2pm ahjummashies


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