Are Jung Hae-in and Son Ye-jin dating?

Has their on-screen romance turned into real life relationship?

Stars of the recently concluded JTBC drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food have been reportedly asked about their off-screen relationship because of their undeniably strong chemistry in the series. In separate interviews, the pair has addressed the pressing rumors about the status of their hearts.

Son Ye-jin has told reporters she has been asked by people if she and Jung Hae-in were dating. The veteran actress was then quoted saying Jung Hae-in should be the one to answer if there could really be a possibility they could date in real life.

The rising actor, in his own interview, replied that the noticeable chemistry in the series was “all fiction and lies” but he said they tried to act sincerely in every scene. The actor shared he was pleased by the positive response they received.

When pressed about the possibility of dating his senior, Jung Hae-in vaguely answered: “you never know what might happen.” The actor admitted he and Son Ye-jin became more friendly after the series, sharing they are still in constant communication with each other.

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  1. I will surely be confused if they really are dating. It will decrease my respect for her as an excellent actress for always having good chemistry with her co-partners. She even made me want to question her on why she took the drama role of PNWBMF. I know she took the role of a women with flaws, but why she said yes to the drama with so many hugging and kissing with no important message, IMO. The ending was also a mess. So, I kind of bewildered with the request for second season.


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