K-Drama Reaction: Secret Mother | Episodes 9-10

“Can you stop confusing me? Can you stop making me feel sorry? Can you please just show up now, eonnie?”

– Lisa Kim

Just when I thought I have the right criminal in mind, this drama proved me wrong by making every character suspicious. Lisa Kim (Kim So-yeon) is definitely not the show’s antagonist.

Lisa is back!

With Lisa’s surprise return to her role as Min-joon’s tutor, the neighborhood ahjummas were all rattled, fearing their respective dark secret will be revealed.

Song Ji-ae was quick to act, cornering Lisa and threatening her not to tell anyone about her past, only to find out that Lisa couldn’t remember her. She basically sabotaged herself. Hah.

But equally shaken was Lisa who after getting tipped that her missing sister was rushed to Sseim Medical Center and feeling all sort of feelings–from remorse to relief–came to find out it wasn’t her but a different person.

I’ve always doubted that her character is completely good but now I only see her as a woman desperate to find her only family.

Everyone is suspicious 

Honestly, I’ve never considered Kim Yoon-jin (Song Yoon-ah) as a suspect but after hearing that she’s in a condition that her memories could only hallucinations her mind created, I am no longer sure if she’s all innocent now.

Her husband Han Jae-yeol (Kim Tae-woo) is acting strange as well, I’m wondering if he’s keeping a skeleton in the closet as well. Who can we really trust in this show?


One societal issue that is glaring in this show is the too much pressure parents put on their kids to excel academically. It’s both obsessive and unhealthy. And by focusing too much on numbers and grades, they tend to overlook other areas of intelligence like emotional intelligence demonstrated perfectly by our cute Min-joon.

I have a feeling that Instructor Min was actually the one blackmailing Kang Hye-kyung (Seo Young-hee) especially when he said this.

And Lisa’s actually concern about her.

Could this be the start of the extramarital affair rumor between Lisa and Jae-yeol?

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