K-Drama Reaction: Lawless Lawyer | Episode 3

I’m starting to fall in love once again with Lee Joon-gi oppa with his portrayal of the revenge-driven lawyer Bong Sang-pil here in Lawless Lawyer. I love how he can be funny and hilarious, then soft and caring specially towards Ha Jae-yi (Seo Ye-ji), and then dangerous and scary whenever he faces the people involved in his mother’s murder. I last saw oppa in Scarlet Heart Ryeo, which for me is one of the greatest K-Dramas ever produced, and I didn’t realize how badly I missed watching him until now. That’s why I’m so glad that I picked this drama as my next assignment. Lucky me!


Our Sang-pil managed to save Jae-yi from her kidnappers and arrive just in time to the public hearing of Gisung Mayor Lee Young-soo’s murder case, but he then got arrested after the jury discovered that the men who caused trouble at the court work for him.

I’ve never seen anyone like him who looks so happy while being arrested!

Turns out that he really wanted to be sent to jail to meet Gisung’s Finance and Ministry director Oh In-chul, who is being accused of money laundering. But it was revealed that Director Oh faked the money laundering report to protect himself in prison from the possible threats against his life especially after Mayor Lee’s killing. Woah, this murder case is getting more and more interesting huh!

Director Oh, though reluctant at first, exposed to Sang-pil that Mayor Lee’s opposition to the construction of the Golden City in Gisung is the reason behind his murder. I have a feeling that this project is also connected to the death of Sang-pil’s omma because Director Oh said it got shelved 18 years ago and is only making a comeback now. It’s possible that the memory card that Pres. Ahn Oh-joo (Choi Min-soo) and Judge Cha Moon-sook (Lee Hye-young) were trying to get from Sang-pil’s mother contains vital information about the project. So vital that they even killed Sang-pil’s poor omma in the process!

These revelations all point to Pres. Ahn and Judge Cha as the culprits behind Mayor Lee’s death because they’re the only ones who have motives to do so. And now that Mayor Lee is gone, Judge Cha plans to install her puppet, Pres. Ahn, as the new mayor of Gisung so that the Golden City project will finally push through. Pure evil.

Meanwhile, Jae-yi also worked double time to help Sang-pil in Detective Woo Hyung-man’s (Lee Dae-yeon) case. She managed to convince Mr. Kang to testify for Detective Woo, who I now believe is not a totally bad person based on how his sick wife cares and worries for him.

But I’m afraid that Jae-yi’s efforts will all go to waste because it’s unlikely that Judge Cha will accept Mr. Kang’s testimony for Detective Woo, as well as the video clip that will prove the latter’s alibi that he’s in a different place when Mayor Lee’s murder took place.

I now understand Sang-pil’s warning to Jae-yi that she’ll go through “a lot” once she started working with him. First, she got kidnapped by some thugs who thought she was Sang-pil’s girlfriend, and now, the hitman who killed the mayor held her hostage with a knife at the subway. Glad that Sang-pil was always there to save her. The hostage scene was so intense especially when Sang-pil grabbed the knife by his hand, which gave me some Hwarang feelz. Remember when Sun-woo grabbed the knife by his hand as well when some bad guys threatened to hurt Ah-ro? Interestingly, Seo Ye-ji also starred in that K-Drama!

Is it only me who thinks that Lawless Lawyer also has some Suspicious Partner vibes in it? I can’t help but compare Jae-yi’s mother’s rescue of the young Sang-pil here in Lawless Lawyer to Bong-hee’s father’s rescue of the young Ji-wook in Suspicious Partner. What do you think?

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