K-Drama Reaction: Lawless Lawyer | Episode 4

“Your mother saved my life. That’s why I need to protect you from everything and anything.” ~ Bong Sang-pil


Just like what I’ve said in my previous K-Drama Reaction, I’m having a bit of Suspicious Partner feelz here in Lawless Lawyer because of that “parent rescue” similarity. But the main difference is that here, Sang-pil (Lee Joon-gi) is fully aware that it was Ha Jae-yi’s (Seo Ye-ji) mom who saved him. This is why he secretly watched over Jae-yi to make sure that she’s well and safe as a sign of his gratefulness to her mother.

I wonder how Jae-yi would react once she discovers the truth that her mom died (presumably) while saving Sang-pil. I hope she doesn’t blame Sang-pil for it, just like what Bong-hee did when she learned that her father died and got wrongly accused for saving the young Ji-wook from the fire. Sang-pil, just like Ji-wook, definitely has no fault and is only a victim.

But protecting Jae-yi from harm would be no easy task for Sang-pil especially that having her close to him also means putting her life in danger. Plus, Sang-pil needs to do a lot of persuading to make Jae-yi believe that Judge Cha Moon-sook (Lee Hye-young) isn’t as pure as she seems given the fact that Jae-yi considers the latter like her own mom. But I still believe Sang-pil will succeed and together they will work against this evil woman.


Sang-pil’s revenge plot against Judge Cha and Pres. Ahn Oh-joo (Choi Min-soo) now officially begins with the two discovering that he is none other than the young son of the lawyer they killed 18 years ago. I just hope that Sang-pil is really prepared for this given the ‘provocations’ that he’s doing against the two. I hope he doesn’t underestimate them because that would put him and the people he cares for in danger.

But I’m actually more worried for Jae-yi especially after we learned in this episode that Sang-pil’s mom was someone dear to Judge Cha. This means that if Judge Cha could kill Sang-pil’s omma, then she could also do the same to Jae-yi, who is also close to her, once our heroine becomes a threat to her plans. I truly hopes Sang-pil will be able to stay true to his vow to protect Jae-yi until the very end of this fight.


Choi Min-soo is really doing a good job portraying the character of Pres. Ahn here in Lawless Lawyer. I get goosebumps whenever he’s on the screen! And his mannerisms are so consistent, adding some legit feel to his character’s background as a former thug.

His evil deeds are also unimaginable. See how easy it was for him to kill people as if it’s the most normal thing in the world? He’s a very dangerous man, which makes his partnership with the equally dangerous Judge Cha a lethal combination. But I can already see that this partnership will soon turn sour. Judge Cha’s reaction when Pres. Ahn surprisingly declared his candidacy as Gisung mayor during the unveiling ceremony for the monument of the former’s late father is a solid proof of it.

Oh I can’t wait for all that is bound to happen!

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