K-Drama Reaction: Lawless Lawyer | Episode 5

“How much do you think you know Bong Sang-pil?” ~ Judge Cha Moon-sook


Judge Cha (Lee Hye-young) isn’t only good at manipulating the law to punish those who dare to go against her; she’s also good at manipulating people’s minds to make them believe her lies. I don’t know why she eagerly tries to keep Ha Jae-yi (Seo Ye-ji) by her side. Is she planning to groom her to become one of the best lawyers for her benefit just like how she nurtured Sang-pil’s (Lee Joon-gi) omma before? It’s very possible since Jae-yi has great potentials, which means she could be a great asset to her if she could turn her as her puppet.

Jae-yi starts looking into Sang-pil’s background, and this led her to discovering that Sang-pil’s omma reportedly committed suicide 18 years ago in Gisung and that her death happened on the same day her own mother vanished. Jae-yi also uncovered the hidden photos of her and her mother, along with various articles, at Sang-pil’s law firm office, prompting her to confront him.

So this is it. Sang-pil finally revealed to Jae-yi about the true reason why he came back to Gisung despite having a successful career in Seoul, and that is to avenge the death of his mom, who was killed by Pres. Ahn Oh-joo (Choi Min-soo) right in front of him as ordered by none other than Judge Cha. Sang-pil also told Jae-yi that her mother’s disappearance was also because of Judge Cha’s orders. As expected, Jae-yi felt so shocked about all of these revelations, making me want to hug her tight. Imagine how hard it might be for her to hear that the woman she looks up to and considers like her own mom is also the same woman behind her omma’s mysterious disappearance. I just hope that she chooses to believe Sang-pil over Judge Cha so that they could work together in making the people who have sinned against them pay using the rules of law.


I can’t help but compare Jae-yi’s appa to the father of Im Sang-mi, who was also played by Seo Ye-ji, in Save Me. Both fathers are so blinded by their wrong beliefs to the point of almost worshiping the people they look up to. I will never forget how Sang-mi’s father almost put his own daughter’s life in peril due to his blinded faith in a bogus religious cult.

Here in Lawless Lawyer, Ha Ki-ho (Lee Han-wi) asked his daughter to stop working with Sang-pil after the latter barged into the unveiling ceremony for the statue of Judge Cha’s late father. He said that he is willing to close his photo studio to pay off his debt to Sang-pil. Mr. Ha also talked to Sang-pil personally to let him know that he wants Jae-yi to quit her job at the law firm immediately. I somehow understand where Jae-yi’s father is coming from. First, he doesn’t know Judge Cha’s true colors. Second, his family is so much indebted to Judge Cha’s late father who helped them financially. I wonder how he would react once Jae-yi tells him the truth. Well, that’s if Jae-yi would believe Sang-pil.


I feel that Pres. Ahn and Judge Cha’s partnership is like a ticking bomb that is ready to explode any moment. Pres. Ahn still needs Judge Cha for his mayoral candidacy that’s why he couldn’t retaliate against Judge Cha even if she always looks down on him. But for how long could he endure this? And what would be his next step following the broker’s confession in court?

Stick around for more intense scenes in the next episode!

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