K-Drama Reaction: My Ahjussi | Episode 15

“It’s not up to me to ponder whether or not this is something worth crying about. If someone close to you is crying, you should just cry with them.”

~ Park Ki-hoon

The Earnest Ahjussi has been constantly proving how kind of a soul he is. My Ahjussi Episode 15 centers on how Park Dong-hoon is giving Lee Ji-an the chance to redeem herself.

Before I focus my reaction on the character who’s the reason why I decided to watch this wonderful drama, let me delight you with a run-through of what happened in this chapter.

My Ahjussi Episode 15 Snippets

Ji-an was on the run again after finding out that Dong-hoon already discovered she bugged his phone.

Unfortunately, Ji-an was hit by a speeding car and ended up taking shelter in Choon-dae’s shack.

Dong-hoon and Kang Yoon-hee decided to expose everything, including Yoon-hee’s infidelity, in order to help Ji-an. Sadly, the Stoic Agassi stopped listening in on Dong-hoon’s conversation and was not able to hear the Earnest Ahjussi’s affirmation that everything’s alright and that he and his wife are willing to help her.

Sang-hoon discovered that he sucks at keeping secrets. Remember the money stash he hides under the floor board? Apparently, Ki-hoon and omma knew it all along. Hahahaha! He wants to use it for a posh getaway for him and his dongsaengs, such a sweetie. ❤

Choon-dae informed Dong-hoon that Ji-an is with him and that she’s sick. The Earnest Ahjussi hastily made his way to Choon-dae’s house in order to help her. Brace yourself from this moment on as Dong-hoon and Ji-an will take you to one of the most emotional scenes in this drama.

Instead of reprimanding Ji-an for installing a spyware on his phone, Dong-hoon started their talk by thanking her. He expressed how grateful he is that Ji-an stuck by his side even after listening to his pathetic life.

The look on Ji-an’s face after hearing Dong-hoon’s words described what she feels more than words can. Her eyes reflect how pained, ashamed and relieved she is at the same time. Let me put my hat off to IU for this amazing performance and for giving me the chance to witness Ji-an’s raw emotion.

Dong-hoon furthered, “I don’t want anything in my life now. I can’t stand seeing you in pain because you pity me. And I can’t stand the fact that you’re so pitiful. How could someone like you pity an adult like me. That breaks my heart too much for me to bear.”

The Earnest Ahjussi also promised Ji-an that he will live a happy life. He said it pains him to see Ji-an suffering because of how pitiful he is. Ji-an broke into tears saying how she truly wants Dong-hoon to be happy.

Afterwards, Dong-hoon took her to the hospital then later on entrusted her to Jung-hee’s care. Ji-an also decided to delete her wiretapping app.

The next day, Dong-hoon finally entertained Chairman Jang’s request for a meal and bravely revealed everything. He even told the chairman that he’ll give up his new post to Director Park who originally owns it. Good thing Chairman Jang asked him to reconsider quitting his job and expressed his support in helping him and Ji-an.

In essence, Ji-an finally found a family of her own. A big one, with a lot of ahjussis and two pretty unnis.

The Monster was an Angel

Gwang-il was depicted since the start of the drama as a heartless crud of a loan shark who torments the pitiful Ji-an. But from time to time, the K-Drama gods give us a glimpse of his scars.

I can’t help but pity Gwang-il when a tear fell down from his beautiful eye while listening to Ji-an’s recording of how they were in the past. He can’t help but painfully reminisce how he was once Ji-an’s hero, carrying her on his back and getting hit for her.

He’s also a victim of life’s circumstances. Dong-hoon was precise when he told Ji-an that the two of them suffered so much because they met one terrible adult. But the most heartbreaking thing is that, that one terrible adult is his own father. Ji-an’s words definitely pierced through his heart when she said, “Back then, the look in his eyes wasn’t the same as it is now. He is being tormented by his memories of the time that he liked me, and I am tormented by the memories of when he was nice to me.”

Trust me, Jang Ki-yong will win an acting award for My Ahjussi and/or Come and Hug Me, which I’ll be reacting to by the way.

Tipsy Findings

At the beginning of My Ahjussi, I promised myself that I’ll dedicate an episode of Tipsy Findings to Jang Ki-yong’s oppaness. So, hold tight and be careful not to fall for his charm.

Let me share with you the moment I fell for him.

He played the perfect sunbae in shining uniform, Jung Nam-gil in the 2017 KBS2 time slip drama Go Back Couple. That’s when I knew he’ll go places and even included him in one of my Ahjumma’s Pick, Escaping Nugudom: Top 10 Rising Oppas of 2017.

This oppa actually started as a model housed under YGKPlus, the agency of Nam Joo-hyuk,  Lee Sung-kyung and Produce 101/JBJ’s Kwon Hyun-bin. You might have seen him on the screen as early as 2013 with no other than Lee Ji-an herself! Ki-yong oppa starred in two of IU’s 2013 music videos, Friday and Red Shoes.

Did you know that in 2013 oppa appeared in It’s Okay That’s Love as Lee Sung-kyung’s boyfriend, Sam?

In 2015, he acted alongside 2NE1’s Dara and Winner’s Kang Seung-yoon in webdrama We Broke Up.

Ki-yong oppa then played a male nurse in the 2016 KBS2 drama A Beautiful Mind.

And in 2017, he took the role of Ji In-ho, Crude Play’s drummer and rapper in tvN’s The Liar and His Lover.

Here is Crude Play performing Peter Pan. Watch Ki-yong oppa playing the drums at 2:02.

❤ With Kwang-il’s minion, blackmailing CEO Do Joon-young using Ji-an’s recordings, how do you think things will turn out? Are we going to have a big dilemma in the final episode? See you on My Ahjussi Episode 16!


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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