K-Drama Reaction: Miss Hammurabi | Episode 4

A risky matter after another.

The Strong and The Weak

Park Cha O Reum (Go Ara) is judging Im Ba-reun (Infinite L/Kim Myung-soo) very wrong. He too can’t stand injustice but he is not as she thinks he is. His family has needs. He can only ride a cheap bike and not an expensive luxury car. His salary all goes to loans.

O Reum only sees how individualist he is. I know, I know. She’s right about privileged people don’t care because they can stand alone but the weaker ones need to stand together to survive. But I just can’t stand that she can’t see the other side of his colleague. She too has some privileges of her own. But maybe, they should be more open to each other. And I think that is what this case will do for them. O Reum must see that they actually standing on the same side and Ba-reun should take more action to prove it.

The Young and The Old

Presiding Judge Han Se-sang (Sung Dong-il) is not a hopeless case. I felt nervous when he ripped off O Reum’s petition but it was a relief to see a sudden change of expression when he discovered the circumstances.

I was rooting for him when he was scolding that inhumane judge. I mean, we all need to survive but doing it while tramping on others is too much. Judge Han knew that well. Even though he doesn’t look as aggressive and passionate as O Reum, Judge Han has his own ways of fighting the majority.

The Hare and The Tortoise

O Reum might be the newbie in Department 44 but it was Ba-reun who is learning a lot from his former schoolmate. There is a difference between being selfish and calling out a wrongdoing. It’s a tiny little space we are afraid to cross. Because of our cowardice, we don’t usually act on smaller or petty things and just let it go. Ba-reun was usually like that. Ignoring things that might cause inconvenience. There’s a limit for it and this cynical judge has reached his end point.

I really like how each case shows progress in each character. It wasn’t just time fillers but strong plot devices that make the story move forward. Ba-reun was a surprising character that we all can relate to. Especially if your past your passionate youthful days like O Reum. Ba-reun’s dilemma is our own struggles when we felt like we have to do something but we know it could be just a waste of time. O Reum is making him realize he can actually do things his own way.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

This drama’s strongest asset is its script. The lines and arguments made by each character were all sensible and convincing it makes me question my own stances on matters. It makes me sway a little but then it reels me back in and proved that in the end, the main characters are fighting for the right kind of change. It must be difficult but that is how it should be. I think how they deal with societal issues should also be commendable. It wasn’t just a one-sided journey. It felt like watching from a judges’ bench and being presented by the evidence. The series is making me think hard about everything. Will it keep up?

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts

– Just a couple of L’s photo because why not?

– This Ost!!!

– Also, when will that English soundtrack be released???

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