Kim Jae-won, Nam Sang-mi, Jo Hyun-jae cast in new SBS mystery melodrama

New SBS mystery melodrama About Her (working title) has booked Kim Jae-won (Father, I’ll Take Care of You), Nam Sang-mi (Chief Kim), Jo Hyun-jae (Yong Pal) as its main leads, recent reports confirmed.

About Her revolves around the life of heroine Ji Eun-han (to be played by Nam Sang-mi), who suffers from amnesia after undergoing facial reconstruction surgery, and the strange things she encounters while recovering her memories.

Kim Jae-won has signed on to portray the role of plastic surgeon Hang Kang-woo, who worked on Ji Eun-han’s operation. He will form a love triangle with the heroine and her husband. Lastly, Jo Hyun-jae is set to appear as Ji Eun-han’s husband, Kang Chan-ki, a chaebol-slash-well-known anchor at broadcast station KBC.

The drama takes over the time slot of Secret Mother on SBS in July.

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