K-Drama Reaction: The Undateables | Episodes 7-8

“A relationship is a rollercoaster. You go up and down and spin round and round. You can’t stop in the middle. Just enjoy the thrill.”

– Kang Hoon-nam, The Undateables Episode 8

Remembering 101

One undateable down, a lot more to go. Kang Hoon-nam (Namgoong Min) and Yoo Jung-eum (Hwang Jung-eum) have successfully matched the face blind chocolatier to the neighborhood book owner.

Hoon-nam may look like he was a reluctant participant in this mission but he sure did a lot to make sure they remove one name in their long list. What I like about their working chemistry though is Hoon-nam trusted Jung-eum to figure out things on her own. Mr Relationship Guru isn’t spoon-feeding his partner when it comes to her work.

Memories 101

We finally saw what happened on the day Jung-eum’s evil boyfriend ruined her life. Her mother died on that same day. After that, she developed a phobia of water. Who wouldn’t be? Everything was taken away from her just because she loved the wrong guy.

That scene where Jung-eum cried alone in her room really broke my heart. You can say everything about Jung-eum getting the same role and do the same acting but she’s one of those actresses that can affect you on such scenes. She really could deliver when it comes to touching and heartfelt moments.

Kissing 101

Who did felt that sexual tension while they were talking about the primitive purpose of kissing??? That was one good prelude to that breathtaking kiss. I was a bit surprised with the progress in skinship with this couple as I thought they’ll just continue the banter for a few more episodes before such thing happen. I’m not complaining. This just made me more excited to watch the aftermath of this lip-lock moment.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

This series is really made for a romance consumer like me. It is a genuinely straight romance filled with tropes we are familiar with and yet it managed to surprise me in so many ways. It’s not being pretentious and selling itself as something different. The Undateables is just being true to its genre; giving you the highs (and I’m sensing the lows will soon come) of falling in love.

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts

– Because it should be gif-ied!!!

– Find a guy who looks at you like Kang Hoon-nam:

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