K-Drama Reaction: Come and Hug Me | Episodes 3-4

“The day we touched, it’s as if the world turned into a paradise. The time before I met her was no longer part of my memory.”

~ Yoon Na-moo

Come and Hug Me presents us with another heart-stopping chapter. Let’s look at what happened to the budding romance of Yoon Na-moo and Gil Nak-won, and how a cold-blooded monster was discovered in this episode.

Meet the Parents

Lucky, the not-so-lucky Golden Retriever, definitely did not bring good fortune to our wide-eyed Gil Nak-won. But I wouldn’t blame her for sneaking in because I would have probably done the same for our dog.

As Yoon Hee-jae slowly alights the stairs, I was honestly scared for her life, especially after the psychopath called her a bad girl. Good thing the ever reliable Na-moo is there to save the day. The way he told his father that Nak-won is his friend and the look in his eyes undoubtedly tell us that he’ll fight appa if he needs to.

Come and Hug Me is showing us how different our leads’ lives are when Na-moo accompanied Nak-won to her house and how warmly her mother received him.

Appa’s Favorite

Another layer of Na-moo’s horribly complex life unfolds this episode. A flashback shows us Hee-jae lecturing his youngest son that people like them are no different from his dogs, that they are both animals, and that human are animals who prey on others.

According to Hee-jae, “This world is a huge cage where it keeps humans locked up. The weak don’t last. Only the strong survive. In this cage-like world, that’s the only way to survive. Merciless strength is what makes you strong. Sympathy or affection only makes human weak and pathetic.”

Hee-jae emphasizes how he only trusts his children, his bloodline, because they’re the only one who won’t betray him. I think it was such a surprise to him how his favorite son disobeyed his order not to go to his basement because of a friend, thus making Nak-won a source of weakness.

Na-moo’s father also underscored how he’s good at everything and that he is the only son he’s proud of. Is it only me or is Hee-jae grooming his intelligent son to be like him?

With his scared and tearful eyes, I seriously wanted to hug Nam Da-reum.

Nak-won’s Choice

After the dreadful encounter between Nak-won and his father, Na-moo asked his lovely friend to forget everything that happened earlier, to never visit his house, and to act like she doesn’t know him because she’ll be in danger. Nak-won agreed to do everything except for one. According to her, she’s going to continue to be friends with Na-moo because she likes him.  Nak-won even mentioned how Na-moo is like a tree just like his name.

The ship has set sail. ⛵⛵⛵

Oppa and Hyung

Nak-won and Na-moo’s faiths are so intertwined that even their siblings are now connected. Na-moo’s hyung, Hyun-moo, was beating a classmate and it was only Nak-won’s oppa, Moo-won, who was unfazed and had the courage to call an ambulance.

Moo-won has persistently shown how much he cares for Nak-won and even warned Na-moo not to make him worry again. On the other hand, Hyun-moo can be seen as a no-good rascal but I actually believe he genuinely cares for his younger sister, So-jin.

Hyun-moo has his own way of showing his affection for our little So-jin. I was touched by how he did not let So-jin walk alone to their mom’s workplace.

Oh, and we have a new discovery today. Nak-won’s brother is adopted. He’s the son of murder victims. Maybe that’s why his eyes are mysterious, it felt like they were keeping an untold secret.

It also piqued my interest when Moo-won asked Hyun-moo if he knows what it means for someone to die because of him. Did his biological parents die while trying to protect him?

Discovering a Monster

Na-moo’s step mother, Ok-hee was bothered by a gossiper ahjumma’s story that her husband is having an affair that she end up going to his dog farm. She may have proved that he’s not cheating but she also discovered that he’s a monster.

Ok-hee saw a bloodied Hee-jae throwing a woman’s purse and coat in the furnace. My soul almost left my body when she made a noise and thought her psychopathic husband will see her.

Omma was able to get away without being discovered. And as she was running for her dear life, she remembered So-jin’s words how appa is like a ghost who scares her every time.

Tipsy Findings

Because Moo-won caught my eyes since the first episode, let’s look at actor Jung Yoo-an’s previous dramas.

come and hug me jung yoo an nak won brother ahjummamshies

In 2016, teen actor Jung Yoo-an appeared in MBC’s Lucky Romance as Lee Soo-hyuk’s younger counterpart.

come and hug me jung yoo an lucky romance ahjummamshiescome and hug me nak won brother jung yoo an lucky romance ahjummamshies

In the same year, he took part in SBS drama Second to Last Love.

come and hug me jung yoo an second to last love ahjummamshies

Jun Yoo-an played the role of Kang Bo-ram in another SBS series Super Family 2017.

come and hug me jung yoo an super family ahjummamshies

2017 was a good year for him as he also starred as the young Gwang-o in saeguk Seven Day Queen.

jung yoo an 7 day queen ahjummamshies

And participated in tvN’s The Liar and His Lover.

jung yoo an the liar and his lover red velvet joy ahjummamshies

You might remember him as Red Velvet Joy’s classmate whom she helped confessing to his crush. Here’s Jung Yoo-an performing GFriend’s Me Gustas Tu.

❤ Chae Do-jin, our Na-moo in the present, still finds Nak-won as his refuge. How will they cross paths again? Will omma confront Hee-jae on what she found out? Let’s see on the next episode!


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

PS: Me every time I see oppa’s standee, posters in the mall.


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