K-Drama Reaction: Are You Human, Too? | Episodes 3-4

As Namsin III (Seo Kang-joon) starts a new life, we also get to see more of his special capabilities – his mental alertness and physical strength. Even though this drama uses recycled K-drama plot points, I feel like I can let go of these obvious, familiar scenarios and go on with what it has been presenting us… You know the rich guy falls into coma, then a poser comes in… Then the poser rich guy and the poor girl meet… then the bestie-side kick comes in… and so on. It’s just so familiar, but what I like in Are You Human, Too? is that the familiar makes me feel at ease somehow. It’s like a proven romantic formula that goes beyond existence. I’m not sure if it’s going to work in the long run but at least the first two hours are entertaining enough to keep me glued, and I even want more.

Human 3-4

So let’s briefly walk through what happened in the drama’s last hour. The drama now explained what really happened in the pilot episode – why both Sins were wearing the same hoodie jacket and cap. Namsin III saw Nam Sin the human (also Seo Kang-joon) at the market, and eventually catch on about his real identity. He saw the Choi Sang-guk (Choi Byung-mo) following him secretly with a gun in his pocket. Namsin III did everything to protect his human counterpart, but the truck of doom was inevitable.

Human 3-4 (1)

Young-hoon (Lee Joon-hyuk) went to Czech Republic to fetch Nam Sin the human before the PK Group’s driverless car media launch. He did not expect to see two Sins in a foreign land: one is a robot, and the other one is in coma. Namsin III and David (Choi Duk-moon) are investigating the incident, but they couldn’t find the perpetrator. They all knew what’s going to happen if the real Sin doesn’t return to Seoul – Director Seo Jong-gil (Yu Oh-seong) will take over the company. Mom (Kim Sung-ryoung) and Young-hoon come up with a plan to make Namsin III take the place of the human Sin while he is unconscious. And so this is where the fun starts…

Human 3-4 (2)

While being trained by Young-hoon to act like the real Sin using simulations, Namshin III was struggling very cutely!!!!

Human 3-4 (3)

Human 3-4 (1)

(Since Sin the human is in coma for a long time in this dramaverse, I am going to use SIN to refer to Namsin III from now on.)

Girl… WHY

I admit that as much as I like this drama, I can’t fathom how on earth did So-bong managed to break in at the venue without some security guards trailing her. She just barged into that staircase, making her own grand entrance to the stage and confront Sin about the staged pap issue. AND what’s worse was that the Chairman allowed it, too! It’s a PR disaster for any company. Good thing this is fiction world, but logic tells me this shouldn’t be tolerated.

Human 3-4 (2)Human 3-4 (3)Human 3-4 (4)

ANYWAY, I knew we were going to use that Rule No. 1 for a good reason. LOL. The shift in my emotional being was really unstable after that hug. Sin, after seeing So-bong cry in front of him, hugged her tight and mention that “the rule is to hug you when you cry,” like he always does with his mom.

Human 3-4 (5)Human 3-4 (6)

Human 3-4 (1)

My precious, innocent Namsin III

I thought it will take a while before I get used to this android acting very human-like, but the Disaster Mode really brought me back to his original form. He may act like the real Sin very convincingly, but when someone is clearly in danger, one can never deny that he is an android. The way he saved all those who were trapped inside that burning club was so heroic and almost impossible. But then again, he is not human.  I just hope he recovers soon after this fire incident.

Human 3-4 (5)

Is Director Seo got something to do behind Sin’s father’s death? It was allegedly ruled as suicide, but we really did not see any explanation about what happened. I won’t be surprised if he was murdered, too, with the way Director Seo and his cohorts are acting right now.


The android and the secret keeper make a lethal combination.

Human 3-4 (8)

Human 3-4 (9)

So-bong has two funny side kicks, too – Robocop (Cha Yub) and Joint (Oh Hee-joon)!

Human 3-4 (7)

I like both Seo Kang-joon and Gong Seung-yeon individually and together. Can’t wait to see how Namsin III and So-bong will work together in the next episodes!

Human 3-4 (2)

LOL… I love this scene so much! Namsin III doesn’t hold back! Isn’t he so adorable?

Human 3-4 (4)

These two are so petty it’s hilarious!

Human 3-4 (10)

Human 3-4


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