K-Drama Reaction: Why Secretary Kim | Episode 1

I know you’re as ecstatic as we are here in Ahjummamshies because we’ve all been waiting for Why Secretary Kim to begin and now it’s here! Personally, I have high hopes for this Park Seo-joon-Park Min-young pairing because I love them individually, and I’m delighted with the chemistry that I’ve seen so far between them here in the pilot episode. So I won’t delay this any longer, here’s my K-Drama Reaction for Episode 1 of Why Secretary Kim!

We spent the first hour with Yumyoong Group vice chair Lee Young-joon (Park Seo-joon) wondering why his ever dependable secretary for nine years, Kim Min-so (Park Min-young), wanted to resign all of a sudden. I’m very impressed with how the drama presented the main conflict this early. This made me as curious as Young-joon about Secretary Kim’s reason for wanting to leave her good-paying corporate job. But as the first episode progresses, I found several probable reasons why Secretary Kim suddenly handed her resignation.

First, Young-joon grew too dependent on her. She prepares everything for him from the clothes he will wear for the day to his schedule to his snack up to the flowers he will give to his date (even though she’s allergic to pollen). She starts her work as early as 6AM and works overtime if she’s asked to. She even drives him home if he’s drunk!

Second, Young-joon is a narcissistic boss who loves himself too much. But he’s not the annoying kind of narcissist. Actually, I find him very funny and charming, proving that this character is tailor-made for Park Seo-joon because rom-coms are his territory. I couldn’t help but laugh every time he shamelessly announces how perfect he is as if we haven’t seen that ourselves. ๐Ÿ˜ But I must commend Secretary Kim because she really knows how to handle her boss’ narcissistic side very well. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Young-joon got so much affected by his secretary’s impending resignation to the point that he had sleepless nights, and he even tried to woo her to stay by promoting her as a director. But this tactic failed.

It makes me wonder…

I have the same question, Mr. Park Yoo-sik (Kang Ki-young). Because aside from being so much bothered by Secretary Kim’s decision to resign, we also learned that Young-joon doesn’t let any woman but her to stay close to him. But…

Okay. I was about to buy that excuse but then…

Wait, what?! Is he really that desperate to keep her?! I’m SHOOKT.

Now, let’s talk about the real reason why Secretary Kim wanted to resign. It’s because she felt like she became too much consumed by work, and now, she wants to dedicate all her time to herself. That way she can focus on dating and eventually get married.

Hmmm… I’m torn on this. A part of me can relate to her because just like her, I’ve also been working at a corporation for over seven years straight now and I can attest that Mr. Park’s ‘3, 6, 9′ rule on burnout is real. I’ve also contemplated about resigning several times but practicality always wins. So yeah… that’s my issue here. Isn’t Secretary Kim’s decision to resign impractical? I mean, she’s not very young anymore at 29. What if she decided to work again one day? I’m afraid she’d have a hard time looking for a new job due to her age. Plus, her job pays well! Not to mention that her boss provides her a lot of stuff like bags, dresses, shoes, and… a car, yes, a car so that she will always look awesome and won’t be late to work. Can’t she just take a break or settle things out with her boss? I’m sure he’ll grant the adjustments that she’ll ask given how much he needs her by his side. Or she can just accept her boss’ marriage proposal! LOL. Will she or will she not?

The pilot episode is definitely a hit, and I’m glad that the drama didn’t get affected by the recent plagiarism issue that it faced. But why do I have a feeling that something serious is behind this drama’s light facade? I think both our leads have dark pasts because there mustย be a reason why Young-joon dislikes women and why Secretary Kim suffers from arachnophobia. Don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “K-Drama Reaction: Why Secretary Kim | Episode 1

  1. Like your comment. I also can relate to KMSโ€™s burn out. Just did the resignation from a so-called good position in a famous company, to pursue a personal dream.

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    1. Woah, congratulations! I admire your courage for doing that. I wish you all the best in pursuing your personal dream. Fighting! ๐Ÿ˜ Thank you for reading, btw. Hope to see you more often here. ๐Ÿ˜˜

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