K-Drama Reaction: Why Secretary Kim | Episode 2

And the challenge to keep Secretary Kim continues!


Yoomyung Group vice president Lee Young-joon’s (Park Seo-joon) dilemma shifted from why his trusted secretary Kim Min-so (Park Min-young) suddenly wants to resign to why she doesn’t want to marry him. LOL. Seriously? He calls himself ‘perfect,’ but he doesn’t know the answer to this very simple question? Go ahead Mr. Park Yoo-sik (Kang Ki-young), enlighten your clueless best friend about the matter.

Now that Young-joon knows why Secretary Kim rejected his marriage proposal, he didn’t waste any time to start the “dating” phase by attending, more like gatecrashing, his employees’ welcome dinner for the new secretary, Kim Jin-ah (Pyo Ye-jin). Oh great. What a fantastic way to ruin the night’s festive mood. LOL.

Tell me who would enjoy when your perfectionist boss was quick to point out how noisy and smokey the BBQ place you’re all eating at…

When he wishes to pour you a drink with 55-year-old whisky instead of just soju…

When he keeps on talking about work in the middle of the team dinner…

And when he doesn’t know any drinking games…

No one! 😤😤😤

The awkward night didn’t stop there because Young-joon announced that he would join them at the karaoke bar. But after seeing how cramped the place is, he ordered Secretary Kim to reserve a high-end karaoke bar at Cheongdam-dong.

But just when everyone is starting to have fun singing, a drunken Miss Bong (Hwang Bo-ra) totally ruined Jin-ah’s welcome party when she asked Young-joon to let her be his new secretary. Aish, jinja. We all really have that one colleague who is a little extra.

But if you think Miss Bong’s drunken mistake is this disastrous night’s highlight, you got it wrong because the most epic moment still goes to Secretary Kim when she told Young-joon that he isn’t her type right in the face. Ouch. They then engaged in an intense exchange of text messages where Secretary Kim told Young-joon how stressful it is to work with him because he is selfish, narcissist, perfectionist, and inconsiderate. Woah, Secretary Kim is sure one courageous lady. I don’t think I would ever be able to tell my boss those things. LOL.

But Young-joon’s reply is what bothers me. I don’t get why he told Secretary Kim that she and his older brother should never call him inconsiderate. Hmmm… just what the heck does that mean?


Speaking of Young-joon’s older brother Lee Sung-yeon (Lee Tae-hwan), why do I sense that they’re not on good terms especially after the former received a cryptic text message from the latter? When are we gonna meet him? I also wonder what’s meaning behind Young-joon’s bad dream.

Another brother whom I wanna meet soon is the one Secretary Kim was aiming to look for after she officially resigned. So, she has a brother? I thought she only has two sisters.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the next episode especially that Young-joon now seems to be more serious in wooing Secretary Kim to stay not just in the office but also in his life.

P.S. It’s nice to see a sneak peek of what it was like when Secretary Kim was just starting her career under Young-joon. It’s now clear to me what pushed Secretary Kim to be one of the best in her field!

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