Jung So-min, Park Sung-woong join Seo In-guk in Hundred Million Stars From the Sky

Looks like we’ll be seeing this remake on our screens pretty with soon with the production sealing the deal with the main cast of Hundred Million Stars From the Sky. Seo In-guk (Shopping King Louie) previously confirmed to play the male lead role and we now got Jung So-min (Because This is My First Life) and Park Sung-woong (Life on Mars) also making their casting official.

The original Japanese series was about a suspicious death and a police detective suspecting that our main character, a mysterious sous chef. In this adaptation, Seo In-guk plays Kim Moo-young, the main assistant in a craft brewery who seems indifferent on the surface but has is innocent inside.

Jung So-min plays Yoo Jin-kang who was raised by her older brother after losing both of her parents to a car accident. She meets the mysterious Kim Moo-young in a suspicious encounter and then, fall in love. Park Sung-woong plays her older brother who’s also detective obsessed in investigating a murder case disguised as a suicide. He suspects Kim Moo-young is involved in the crime.

Hundred Million Stars From the Sky is set to air on tvN later in the year.

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