K-Drama Reaction: Come and Hug Me | Episodes 5-6

“If you want forgiveness, forgive first.”

~ Yoon Hee-jae

Come and Hug Me Episodes 5-6 generally show us how the fates played with the life of our cutie crusaders Yoon Na-moo and Gil Nak-won years after they parted ways. Glimpses of the harrowing night when Yoon Hee-jae “visited” Nak-won’s house were also revealed.

But first, let’s see what Chae Ok-hee did the day after personally witnessing that her husband is a monster.

Omma’s Great Escape

After witnessing her bloodied husband throwing his victim’s belongings in the furnace, Ok-hee decided to run away with So-jin.

While on the run, Ok-hee bumped into Na-moo outside the house. I understand that she is in a state of shock but I got hurt for poor little Na-moo when she begged him like crazy to let them go instead of asking him to go with her. When she said So-jin doesn’t deserve to live her life as a murderer’s daughter but it can’t be helped with Na-moo because Hee-jae’s blood runs tbrough him, her words felt like a sword piercing through the young boy’s innocent heart.

But something must have happened since present scenes show us that Ok-hee still refers to Na-moo, who now goes by the name of Chae Do-jin, as her son.

The Fates Have Spoken

The K-Drama gods have decided what happened to our two leads years after tragedy fell to Nak-won’s family.

Nak-won, who is now known as Han Jae-yi, is a struggling rookie actress who has a love-hate relationship with her sunbae. Despite her dark past, it can be clearly seen that she maintained her bright disposition in life.

Our Do-jin is now a graduating student at the Police Academy and still cries over the dreams and memories of his first love. Plus, he’s still dreamy. ❤

So how did our two leads’ paths cross yet again? Jae-yi’s sunbae was shooting a movie at the Police Academy and she brought her a coffee truck to show support. A reporter, who knows about her bleak circumstances, started bombarding her with questions on Hee-jae and his recently released autobiography. Jae-yi started losing her bearing and when she’s about to fall on the ground, bam! A handsome Do-jin rescued and cradled her in his arms.

Glimpses of Tragedy – That Night

That night inside Nak-won’s house, a bloodied Hee-jae tells his youngest son that he should have attacked him sooner. The monster also said that fighting with him confirms that his blood runs in Na-moo’s veins. He furthered that between his two sons, the one more like him is Na-moo and not Hyun-moo.

In previous episodes, I got the feeling that Hee-jae is grooming Na-moo to be like him. The way he lectured him how affection is a sign of weakness and even gifted him with his own hammer tell us that he’s trying to cut off Na-moo’s white wings to make a monster out of him.

But after all that happened that night, one thing is for sure. Nak-won’s feelings for Na-moo is pure and deep. While on their way to the police station, Nak-won stopped mid way to comfort a guilty Na-moo.

She hugged and assured him that whatever happens, she will like Na-moo forever and that he should come to her when the pain is too much to handle.

Tipsy Musings

I’m still baffled on who left Hee-jae’s book outside Do-jin’s dorm.

In the previous episode, it was revealed that Gil Moo-won, Nak-won’s older brother, is adopted whose biological parents were murdered. In this chapter, I got spooked out when a flashback showed a bloodied knife falling from the hands of a bewildered young Moo-won standing next to a body in the middle of a burning living room. Is he responsible for their death? Did he have psychotic tendencies as a child?

My heart broke for Na-moo during the scene where he was studying alone in his bedroom while Hee-jae was frantically looking for Ok-hee.

I know Come and Hug Me is a melodrama but I just find Do-jin and Jae-yi’s reunion too melodramatic.

The height difference is making my heart squirm. ❤

I’m trying my earnest not to ship Jang Ki-yong and Lee Da-in. Wait…am I gonna have second female lead syndrome?

Tipsy Findings

Here are some behind the scene pics from Come and Hug Me.

❤ Our cutie crusaders Ryu Han-bi and Nam Da-reum (Nak-won and Na-moo).

❤ Jin Ki-joo a.k.a. the bright Jae-yi.

❤ Uri handsome Jang Ki-yong practicing his scene.

❤ Jang Ki-yong oppa and Lee Da-in (Lee Yeon-ji).

❤ Jang Ki-yong slaying us with his visuals.

❤ Oppa, I’m still young. Your face is killing me. Dies. kekeke ❤ ❤ ❤

❤ With Do-jin and Jae-yi meeting again, how do you think their story will roll forward? See you on Come and Hug Me Ep 7-8!


~ Tipsy Ahjumma


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