K-Drama Reaction: Come and Hug Me | Episodes 7-8

“You were courageous. You worked really hard…that made you look beautiful.”

~ Han Jae-yi

Chae Do-jin and Han Jae-yi’s star-crossed fates continue to roll forward in Come and Hug Me Episodes 7-8. Let me first share with you the horrific details revealed to us on the tragedy that struck Gil Nak-won’s family before I focus my reaction on something that Do-jin said that definitely piqued my interest.

Father vs Son – That Night

That tragic night, Yoon Hee-jae was lecturing a scared and crying Nak-won how nice people, like her parents, who make a big deal of helping others have more enemies. He even asked the little girl if she recognizes him or his voice. And even though she answered no, Hee-jae creepily said that she should go where her parents are and cry there.

When Hee-jae was about to struck her with his hammer, Yoon Na-moo arrived like a true hero calling her name. It touched me how Nak-won’s first reaction was to tell her friend to run and save himself instead of asking for help. Na-moo then approached his father and told him that the cops will arrive in 10 minutes and that he already told them the password of Nak-won’s house.

The next words that came out of Na-moo’s mouth made me realize why Hee-jae wanted his youngest son to follow his dark path. With grim and determined eyes, he told his father, “I’m good at getting beat up. I can stand 10 minutes.” Then grabbed his own hammer in his pocket and continued, “Do you want to try me?”

Bottom Line

I get the feeling that throughout the drama, Come and Hug Me will show us how cruel newsmen could be in order to come up with their stories. In previous episodes, we’ve already seen how reporters have been bugging Ok-hee after Hee-jae released his controversial autobiography.

Han Ji-ho, the reporter who personally visited Ok-hee and startled Jae-yi, had a one-on-one talk with Do-jin and there’s something that he said during their conversation that made me think hard on how easily we judge things because we’re not the direct victims.

Basically, the reporter was justifying why she pities Hee-jae by insinuating that his wickedness was caused by his unfortunate upbringing. She mentioned how he lost his mother at a young age and how he was physically abused by his father. But Do-jin disputed her excuse by telling her that none of the victims’ lives were less harder than Hee-jae.

Do-jin made a clear point when he described how his circumstances was just like his father’s and asked the reporter if people should pity him if he were to hurt her at that moment. Of course, the reporter was startled and reacted negatively.

It made me realize that Do-jin didn’t have a good childhood as well. He grew up without a mom and lived with a father whom he knows is 95% sure evil. Plus, the society tormented him for being a murderer’s son. If we were to take the argument that an unfortunate upbringing caused Hee-jae’s wickedness, then Do-jin should have been a monster as well.

Tipsy Musings

My two life goals now are to either be Jin Ki-joo or Ryu Han-bi. Kekeke. But if I get a kissing scene in the next episodes, I’ll go with Jin Ki-joo ssi. ❤

Remember how I complained about how melodramatic Do-jin and Jae-yi’s reunion was in the previous episode? Well, I would have whine about it again except that Jang Ki-yong was heroically sexy when he used himself to block the army of vehicles to help Jae-yi escape reporters that I’d rather keep my protest to myself.

Do-jin is being haunted by his father’s memories and I almost jumped off my seat when Hee-jae appeared on the screen.

I don’t know why but I just find this prison guard creepy and suspicious.

Talk about family ties, Hee-jae and Hyun-moo are jailed in the same prison. I thought family members could not be detained in the same penitentiary but I found out that this practice is allowed even in the US, and there are even instances when relatives share the same cell.

Yah! Oppa! Stop making that face or I’ll jump right into the screen to come and hug you!

Tipsy Findings

Here’s an OST from Come and Hug Me entitled Cries Without Sound by Highlight’s Yoseob.

❤ How do you think the release of Hee-jae’s autobiography and the media knowing who Jae-yi is will affect the lives of our two leads? Join me in the next episode.



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  1. This drama is the best. Man I have goosebumps whenever I see the dad 😨😨😨. I better not walk alone at night lol😫😫😫.


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