K-Drama Reaction: Lawless Lawyer | Episode 10

It’s now the beginning of the end for Judge Cha Moon-sook.


I now understand why Bong Sang-pil (Lee Joon-gi) stabbed himself during a fistfight with a former gang co-member at the prison! He meant to prove his innocence to Scorpion, right? I thought that he stabbed himself so that he could be granted bail. That way he could personally help Ha Jae-yi (Seo Ye-ji) in winning his case. That’s why I was even disappointed with him in the last episode because I thought he wasn’t confident enough with Jae-yi’s capability as a lawyer. Biane, Sang-pil! My bad.

But Sang-pil’s efforts to prove his innocence didn’t reach all his former gang co-members, which Judge Cha (Lee Hye-young) took advantage of. She joined forces with Dae-woong Gang’s No. 2 thug Kim Man-bae to bring Sang-pil down. I find it unacceptable that Dae-woong Gang members easily believed that Sang-pil would really be able to kill his uncle. They, more than anyone else, should know how much Sang-pil and Uncle Choi Dae-woong (Ahn Nae-sang) loved and cared for each other.

Kim Man-bae’s men attacked Sang-pil at the hospital as ordered by Judge Cha. They could’ve easily killed Sang-pil considering his condition, but our hero found an unexpected ally in the person of one of his biggest enemies who is none other than Pres. Ahn Oh-joo (Choi Min-soo)!

Woah, Pres. Ahn just proved to me in this intense fight scene that he’s really Gisung’s top thug. He’s still very sharp despite his age and years of rest from physical battles. I’m amazed by how he and Sang-pil defeated all of those thugs only by themselves.

This attack served as the turning point for Pres. Ahn to finally realize that he’s just being used by Judge Cha all this time. I’m now wondering what he’s planning to do after his shocking appearance in court to testify for Sang-pil. Is he thinking of wooing Sang-pil to take his side and fight against Judge Cha before dealing with him afterwards? But that’s a bit impossible to happen because first, I don’t think Sang-pil would ever join forces with him, and second, how would he clear Sang-pil’s name of murder charges without exposing the truth that he’s the one behind Uncle Dae-woong’s gruesome death?

Now that Pres. Ahn officially declared war against Judge Cha, we all know that the latter won’t just sit back and let him win. Perhaps she would expose all his crimes, but of course while ensuring that her name won’t get dragged, to lock him up in jail. Or she could order her new pet Kim Man-bae to kill him and make it look like it’s politically motivated or connected with his past as a thug. But I don’t think it would be an easy task for her because let’s not forget that he’s her most capable dog after all.


It seems like Judge Cha already knows that her new masseuse is none other than Jae-yi’s mother, and I’m afraid that she’ll use her against Jae-yi. I hope nothing bad happens to her because it would be so tragic if she gets killed even before she could expose her true self to her husband and daughter.

P.S. It’s not the first time for Sang-pil and Jae-yi to see the photos of Pres. Ahn and Judge Cha, right? Then why are they so surprised when they saw the clearer copies that Mrs. Noh handed Jae-yi?

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