K-Drama Reaction: About Time | Episode 6

I have a feeling that this drama will continue to disappoint. I’m sad that it doesn’t give the couple more time to enjoy their love line and just throw one conflict after another. It’s disguising itself as an out-of-the-box drama with its unconventional fantasy element but what you get is more and more drama cliches.

Will their love see it through?

Lee Do-ha (Lee Sang-yoon) and Choi Mi-ka (Lee Sung-kyung)’s romance is just about to bloom but people around them are more than keen to cut the love bud before it completely blooms.

Bae Soo-bong (Im Se-mi) proves to be persistent as she hovered around our couple waiting for the right timing to meddle with their affair. And just like what she did in the previous episode, she confronted Mi-ka about her relationship with Do-ha. This time though, she hurled hurtful words at her and once again warned her to cut her ties with him. But what I’m disappointed with is with Mi-ka’s reaction. She got easily shaken by her tirades to the point she was left speechless. Bring the game on Mi-ka! You can do better than that.

Good thing she’s got Do-ha who’s very reassuring of his love for him.

Then we’ve got another player on the chessboard, brought in by the scheming Soo-bong: a woman (Kim Gyu-ri) presumably in Do-ha’s past. She seemed to have played someone of great importance in Do-ha’s life seeing how their encounter made Mi-ka’s frozen time start ticking down.

And if there’s a member of the anti-Do-ha-Mika squad who’s not irritating as the others, that would be Mi-ka’s mother (Na Young-hee). I’m glad that she turned down the ‘bribe’ they received from Do-bin (Min Sung-wook)’s camp but maintains to oppose their relationship. I understand where Mi-ka’s mom is coming from given she’s seen how evil rich people could get to achieve what they desire.

I also like that Do-ha is going lengths to protect Mi-ka from people who might hurt her. He asked Chinese investor Zhang Xi-yang (Yu Xiaoguang) to keep Soo-bong out of the contract even if it means giving him an advantageous percentage of stock in the business.

He also confronted Do-bin (Min Sung-wook) about his allegiance with Soo-bong and warned him to stay away from their matter. Woah, we need more Do-ha in this world, don’t we?

Reaching her dreams

Mi-ka’s a closer step to realizing her dream to become a musical actress after she was chosen for the understudy part. Her audition was one of the few scenes I really loved in this episode.


Though it came on a whim, I really didn’t find that accidental one night stand between Mi-ka’s brother Choi Wi-jin (Rowoon) and Jeon Sung-hee (Han Seung-yeon) much of a bother but I couldn’t care more as well. I was only expecting that this mischievous kid will get a love line with Soo-bong but it turned out I had the wrong hopes.

This lifespan-seeing thing is becoming more and more complicated. I’m wondering why Mi-ka could not permanently see Do-ha’s clock unlike Miss Oh (Kim Hae-sook). There are surprising more rules around her special ability than I initially thought of.

Finally, in a world full of lovers brimming with love in their eyes for each other, that’s me–Do-ha’s secretary. LOL.

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