K-Drama Reaction: The Undateables | Episodes 11-12

Oh no, they shouldn’t have gone that route!

Ideal Type

Kang Hoon-nam (Namgoong Min) and Yoo Jung-eum (Hwang Jung-eum) have to spend one night together on a remote country area because Oh Doori and her supposed-to-be lover have quarrelled and left them there. Well, it was also because Hoon-nam’s car keys were planted among the potatoes (lol). Anyway, the universe is conspiring on the two to spend more time together. The hilarious night showed how different and similar they are in so many ways. Their both headstrong but have different approaches to dealing with things. But they really complement each other. There was no boring second whenever they are together.

One of the conversations I really like is about that one unique characteristic we fall in love with. It was funny, especially Jung-eum’s answer (mostly because I agree with her). Hoon-man’s answer, on the other hand, was very specific. Jung-eum may not know it yet but the man he met was the product of a sad and lonely past. They were both good at hiding their backstories and pretend they were both strong and fearless.

The Jealous Friend

The still in-denial second lead Choi Joon-soo (Choi Tae-joon) is jealous! He definitely is. Even if he insists that he believe Jung-eum, it was obvious he is starting to question is his friend is really telling everything to him. Joon-soo is so used to be the only non-blood related man in Jung-eum’s life that Hoon-nam’s presence is shaking him up. I really like how this conflict is being built up. The simmering tension between the two men would be thrilling to watch.

The Bet

If you’ve noticed, I don’t actually comment about the subplot of Jung-eum’s friend coach Yang (Oh Yoon-ah) and Hoon-nam’s cousin Yook Ryong (Jung Moon-sung). It was mostly because I detest coward characters like Yook Ryong and I don’t want to take pity with such dependable comrade like Coach Yang. But since Hoon-nam had to have ‘the conversation’ with his cousin, who is quickly going down the path of becoming a serial womanizer, I can’t escape talking about him. Yook Ryong is blinded with his belief that he could ‘have fun’ while playing women’s feelings. Hoon-nam was clear it wasn’t what he taught him but instead of convincing his cousin to change, he was the one convinced to bet on Jung-eum’s feelings. I’m shaking my head in disbelief in this scene. Although Hoon-nam was shown to be a bit immature, I didn’t think he would really go down this path too. He badly needs some redemption in the next episode!

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

This series has a way of presenting already tried and tested trope in a way that is still entertaining to watch. But do they really have to do the bet cliche? For some reason, the writer thought putting every known romance trope is a good thing. I’m not happy about this though. I prefer the storyline sticking to the main character’s mission of ‘making the undateables dataeble.’ The first case was a good one and they should have gone through an episodic route rather the I’ll-bet-I-can-seduce-her plot. Despite this unwanted addition, I’ll still be cautiously optimistic that the story will still be saved by the appealing characters.

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts:

-I also find guys good at reversing cars sexy!

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