K-Drama Reaction: About Time | Episode 7

This drama loves problems, doesn’t it? We’ve got disapproving parents, first love blunder, a bitchy female antagonist, and now, an impending death. With this said, all I could hope for is that despite all these forces trying to tear them apart, our couple will be able to overcome them with their love. Will they?

Do-ha’s first love

If things aren’t complicated enough, Bae Soo-bong (Im Se-mi) brought another player in the mix–Kim Joo-na (Kim Gyu-ri),  a renowned musical actress and Lee Do-ha (Lee Sang-yoon)’s estranged first love. She is the reason why Do-ha’s suffering from anxiety disorder after she’d left him without a trace.

Little did Do-ha know, she abandoned him after receiving threats from his father that he will sabotage her career if she didn’t leave his son. And those weren’t empty words because he actually got her booted out of the production she worked hard to be part of.

She came back and by the look of things, she’s ought to get Do-ha back. The question now is will he still accept her? Do-ha might have Choi Mi-ka (Lee Sung-kyung) in his life but he’s obviously shaken after seeing her. And if he gets to find out the real reason for her departure, would it change his mind and feelings towards her.

But it’s not only in love that Joon-a rivals Mi-ka. She’s also the one cast for the lead role in which Mi-ka is the understudy, thanks to Soo-bong’s ploy to intimidate her. She’s definitely talented and career driven. And not that I wish her ill, but her vocal strain definitely gives a glimmer of hope Mi-ka will be able to bag the main role.

Soo-bong’s venomous words

It might appear at first that it’s Soo-bong’s riches which is her most effective weapon, but it’s actually her way with words. She is capable of confusing and scaring our main couple with her verbal arguments.

Yoon Do-san is dying

Do-ha’s issues with his first love aren’t resolved yet, then here comes another problem that will definitely bring him down on his knees–his beloved hyung Do-san (Jung Moon-sung) is facing death and there’s not much life left to him. I think this could either make or break our couple. It could lead them back together and be each other’s source of strength or it could be too much for them to handle and ultimately break them apart.


Am I the only who thinks Kim Dong-jun is killing his role as the genius musical director Jo Jae-yoo. This might be a short scene but this just convinced me 100%.

I’m now conceding that our leads won’t get much of the lovey-dovey moments from this show. Maybe I had the wrong expectations. Maybe, when you’ve got life and death as the recurring subjects in a drama, then the angst and tears are just inevitable.

To be honest, I’m having a hard time watching this drama because I’m now in the situation where a loved one is facing the end of his life. So let me leave you with Miss Oh’s truthful but comforting words:

Seasons change, and leaves change their colors, but you can’t even shed a single leaf on your own. You can’t do anything about  a matter of life and death either. It’s all up to the deities. Even if you’re sick or struggling, you have to accept it…and continue to live on. That’s up to humans like us.

– Miss Oh


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