K-Drama Reaction: Come and Hug Me | Episodes 9-10

“Wickedness is a choice.”

~ Chae Do-jin

To date, Come and Hug Me Episodes 9-10 are my favorite chapters from the drama. It gives us a different perspective on the issue of suffering experienced both by the loved ones of the victims and the family of the suspect.

In the Eyes of the Victims

Come and Hug Me since the start is showing us how the family of Yoon Hee-jae are also victims of his wickedness. From growing up in an abusive home to the painful experience of being shunned by society for being a murderer’s son, we cannot say that Chae Do-jin’s life was less harder than the victims’ relatives. We also cannot say that he had a more difficult time compared to them. But one thing is for sure, all of them suffered and are living painful lives.

After the release of Hee-jae’s autobiography, both Do-jin and Han Jae-yi faced the camera to oppose the selling of the book and to ask for its recall. Do-jin bravely told the public that his father’s autobiography is full of lies. But despite this effort, the families of Hee-jae’s victims stormed to his graduation rites and harassed him. They egged Do-jin and are asking to cancel his Presidential Award for topping the Police Academy graduating class.

The Police Academy cadets tried to stop the protesters and escort them out but Do-jin stopped them to personally apologize to the families of his father’s victims. He bowed his head and said sorry to them.

The son of one of the victims continued his rage and even pushed Do-jin to the ground. He clenched his fist and aimed it to Do-jin’s face, but upon seeing his scared and innocent eyes, guilt has struck him and punched the ground instead.

Ok-hee and So-jin arrived and tearfully defended Do-jin. What omma said pulled my emotional strings for being so honest and true. According to her, Do-jin is doing everything to be different from his father. And if you think about it, Do-jin is as innocent as the victims, and just like them, he does not deserve this kind of suffering. He has bowed his head numerous times for a crime he did not commit, he testified in court against his own dad, yet fingers are still being pointed at him no matter how hard he tries.

Ok-hee’s words must have left a pang in the heart of the mother of one of Hee-jae’s victims as she suddenly lost her composure and repeatedly uttered sorry to her daughter. I think most of the victims’ family members are not mad at Do-jin per se, they’ve witnessed him testified in court against his father, they’ve seen his TV interview calling to stop the distribution of Hee-jae’s books, it’s just that they cannot admit to themselves how guilty they are so they’re trying to find a person to blame. If you think about it, they are angry at themselves, they’re just scared to acknowledge it. Thoughts such as “this won’t have happen if only I was there with my mom” or “my daughter should have been alive if only I picked her up that night” keep haunting them that they try to ease their remorse by showing animosity to the murder’s innocent son.

Tipsy Musings

Okay, next to Hee-jae, we have a new character to hate, reporter Park Hee-young. She’s the one responsible for interviewing and publishing the psychopath’s autobiography.

I couldn’t agree more with Jae-yi when she said that Reporter Park did not just give a voice to Hee-jae when she published the book, she gave him the power to pick up his weapon again and swing it around.

Oh, and we got another melodramatic with Jae-yi hugging Do-jin out of nowhere after the egging incident.

But this time we got her oppa, Moo-won and Reporter Park to spice up the scene.

Yaaah! Jin Ki-joo ssi, why you hugging my oppa!? :p

Do-jin got served by the deceptive reporter when he finally hear a person say what could have been weighing on his conscience since that fateful night. According to Reporter Park, Do-jin is partially to be blamed for what happened to Jae-yi’s family for taking her hand despite knowing his father is subhuman.

This one got me really excited! We have an unsub! (Unsub is usually used in police procedural series to refer to unknown subjects under investigation.)

Tipsy Findings

Let me flood you again with more Come and Hug Me behind the scene pics! ❤ ❤ ❤

❤ Uri Na-moo and the cutie So-jin

❤ The ever adorable Nam Da-reum.

❤ Jang Ki-yong being his charming self.

❤ Our grown up So-jin, teen actress Choi Ri.

❤ Uri leads Jin Ki-joo and Jang Ki-yong.

The ship is sailing for Do-jin and Jong-hyun (Kwon Hyuk-soo).

❤ The K-Drama gods gave us a sneak peek of what happened to our two leads after they separated ways yet again, with Do-jin being a detective and Jae-yi being a top actress. Looks like things will get more interesting, and by interesting I mean messier, as a new monster is on the loose. I’ll see you on Come and Hug Me Eps 11-12!


~ Tipsy Ahjumma


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