K-Drama Reaction: Miss Hammurabi | Episode 8

And we’re back dealing with heartbreaking truths.

Case #1: Who Killed Cock Robin?

Im Ba-reun (Infinite L/Kim Myung-soo) became invested in a case of Mr Lee, a worker allegedly abused by his employer. At first glance, people would wonder why he tried to kill himself. He’s a top student, he worked for a top-ranked company, and has a loving family. Why would someone who seem to have everything wanted to end his life? We forget people has different sources of happiness. We forget that things aren’t what they look like. We forget to look closer.

Ba-reun had a difficulty on dealing with the case because it involves delving deeper to Mr Lee’s thoughts. He was totally right when he said it is quite scary to read someone else’s mind. I personally think that we all have the tendency to imitate someone else’s brokenness. We see our lives in their lenses. Ba-reun seems to have a very strong heart to take all those elegiac diary entries. But we also know that Ba-reun also has a broken piece in him we don’t see.

If Ba-reun didn’t experience the burden of other people’s expectations, then maybe he won’t be able to relate to Mr Lee. His speech during mediation was the hard truth everyone must hear. His attempted suicide is everyone’s fault including Mr Lee himself. He let himself be in a stated where other people run his life. He had a choice but he is not that courageous to make a stand.

Case #2: The Better Parent

The judges had to deal with a family custody case where the plaintiff is a father, whose daughters were being raised by his estranged wife.

Judge Han Se-sang (Sung Dong-il) had to make the decision on whether he should let a lonely man live without his daughters. It was hard for him to stick with the precedent and the law for the case. He knew how being a parent is rewarding and emotionally painful at the same time. He knew children grow fast and it’s difficult to see them go. He is raising two daughters after all.

I think everyone who watched this episode cried when Judge Han watched his children sleep. That simple scene was very touching. His words hit my heart. This series really knew how to play with our emotions.

Reflective Thinking

Our main characters, including Park Cha O Reum (Go Ara), are growing in each episode. They aren’t just helping other people address their conflicts but they are also learning from their experiences. It give them opportunity to reflect on their own lives and change things that they still can. That kind of storytelling is very effective for me. The parallelism of other people’s lives to their situations also happen in real life. We, too, see ourselves in others. It sometimes makes us feel how lucky we are and sometimes makes us believe we’re unfortunate. The saying must be true, reflecting on experience is the best teacher.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

The series took a break in the previous episodes and decided to focus on the characters’ romantic relationship but we’re now back dealing with societal truths that are hard to accept. As I’ve said earlier, I really like this drama’s storytelling.

If you’ve watched The Matrix, Keanu Reeves was asked to choose between a blue pill (it would make him go back to his own reality and ignore the truth) and a red pill (the whole truth). Why am I bringing this up? Because I think this series is making us swallow the “red pill” without being too imposing. It doesn’t force us to believe a stand or accept the reality. It is leaving us a choice on whether we would stay still and watch or we, in our own way, change things we are in control of.

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts

– This reminded me of that scene in Coco 慜慜

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