K-Drama Reaction: Why Secretary Kim | Episode 5

This episode had a lot of “almost” moments for our OTP—an almost date, an almost confession, and the most frustrating of all… an almost first kiss!


Lee Young-joon (Park Seo-joon) had two chances in this episode to confess his feelings for Secretary Kim Min-so (Park Min-young), but it both failed.



I’m so frustrated, yes, but I still try to understand the situation because I know how hard it is to confess your heart. In the first instance, maybe Young-joon was also surprised by his own confession that’s why he took it back by saying that he only got that line from Secretary Kim’s favorite book.

In the second instance, we all know that Young-joon and his older brother aren’t in good terms that’s probably why the former got so agitated when he saw the two together. But what I want to know is the reason why Young-joon and Lee Sung-yeon’s (Lee Tae-hwan) relationship fell apart, and why the former seems so afraid that his brother might take Secretary Kim away from him.

On the other hand, Secretary Kim’s reaction to Young-joon’s failed attempts to confess is very understandable as well. Who wouldn’t feel confused with all of Young-joon’s efforts for her? But I’m glad that their misunderstanding didn’t last long. And here we saw how much Young-joon really treasures Secretary Kim. For him to say sorry, which is something he’s not used to, is a big deal! I’m also happy that Secretary Kim apologized to Young-joon especially after she learned that Morpheus is none other than her boss’ estranged older brother.

Now, this reconciliation led us to this:

And this is me while asking K-Drama genies why they are being such a tease:


My hunch that Sung-yeon is jealous with Young-joon got stronger after their father obliged him to apologize to his younger brother following their fistfight. Not only that, their abuji also asked him not to bother Young-joon because it might affect the company and the employees who are depending on him.

But I think that what really scarred the two brothers’ relationship was the mysterious incident that happened to them 20 years ago. Probably it was so traumatic for the two of them to still have nightmares about it.


Ahhh, I so love Young-joon’s BFF Park Yoo-sik (Kang Ki-young) and Secretary Kim’s unnie Kim Pil-nam (Baek Eun-hye). They might have different approaches in giving advice to our OTP, but you know that they only want what is best for them.

Just my two cents on Pil-nam’s advice to Secretary Kim about how difficult it would be for ordinary people like them to love those who are out of their league. Pil-nam even compared Young-joon to a dog and Secretary Kim to a bird. Ding-ding-ding! What a nice reference to the nickname of Park Seo-joon’s character in Hwarang huh! Okay. I don’t think the difference in social status will be the main problem here in Why Secretary Kim because we all know how much Young-joon’s omma likes our lovely secretary for her son. But still, I appreciate Pil-nam’s advice because more often than not, that’s really the case.

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