News Roundup: Jo Jung-suk and Gummy’s marriage, Jo Jae-hyun’s new sexual assault accusation, and more!

Here are the stories that made headlines in K-dramaland this week:

1. Lee Tae-ri joins new fantasy drama

Following days after actor Lee Min-ho announced changing his name to Lee Tae-ri, he’s now been cast to join Yong Joon-hyung in a new fantasy drama Coffee, I Leave It to You which is about an overweight woman who changes into a beautiful lady after drinking coffee. Lee is up to play the lead’s best friend who’s an aspiring musical actor who walked away from his former life as an elite employee at a large corporation.


2. No Min-woo loses court appeal against SM Entertainment

Singer-actor No Min-woo has lost the appeal in his lawsuit against SM Entertainment. In November 2015, No Min Woo sued the large company t for compensation of damages due to its poor management when he was a member of TRAX. The court ruled in favor of SM Entertainment for both the first and second trial due to insufficient evidence of No Min Woo’s claims.


3. Jo Jae-hyun denies accusation of sexual assault by former actress

Actor Jo Jae-hyun has been (again) accused of sexual assault by a former actress. It comes months after he admitted to sexual harassing actress Choi Yul. However, this time, the veteran actor refuted the allegations, claiming that it was consensual.


4. Jo Yoon-woo announces military enlistment

Looks like one of our Hwarang boys is officially going under training with King Kong Entertainment announcing Jo Yoon-woo’s military enlistment on June 19, 2018.

Good luck Yoon-woo-yah!


5. Hollywood actress Claudia Kim moves to Culture Depot

Korean Hollywood actress Claudia Kim (Soo Hyun) has found a new home–Culture Depot. The label is known for managing A-listers like Jun Ji-hyun and Go So-young.


6. Kim Hyun-joong re-signs with Keyeast Entertainment

With celebrities moving agency left and right, controversial actor Kim Hyun-joong has decided to renew his contract. The actor’s contract with the agency has already ended in April. His contract renewal has been under discussion since then and the renewal is now confirmed.


7. Celebrity couple Jo Jung-suk and Gummy to marry this autumn

We’ve got another oppa going off the market with actor Jo Jung-suk and singer Gummy announcing their upcoming marriage. Both sides have confirmed the news and have stated that they yet have to come up an exact date and a venue for their wedding this fall.

Congratulations to Jo Jung-suk and Gummy!

Untitled collage



First stills of Hyun Bin (!!!) for Memories of the Alhambra

More stills of Baek Jin-hee for Let’s Eat 3

Script reading session for new drama About Her


Yoo Yeon-seok and Byun Yo-han for Mr. Sunshine

First stills of ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo and Im Soo-hyang for My ID is Gangnam Beauty



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