K-Drama Reaction: Come and Hug Me | Episodes 11-12

“We should pity those who don’t know how to regret.”

~ Prison Nun

If you’re into solving mysteries and mind games, then Come and Hug Me is definitely for you. Episodes 11-12 bestowed upon us pieces of a new puzzle to solve and a taste of  Chae Do-jin and Han Jae-yi’s fated encounter.

A Monster’s Mystery

If I have to choose between romance and police procedural dramas, I’d go for the latter in an instant. But what makes Come and Hug Me more interesting is that it combines the two genres. And let’s admit it, Jang Ki-yong’s visuals can melt my blues away. ( ❤ _ ❤ )

Now, let’s get down to business. For this chapter’s reaction, I’ll give my two cents on why I have doubts that Yoon Hyun-moo is the new monster on the loose. Here’s the background of the case. An unsub (unknown subject) attacked two victims in the span of 10 days. He struck them on the back of their heads with a blunt object, which is probably a hammer, but did not kill them. Medical results show that the scar sizes were not similar which lead the police to think that the unsub might have used different weapons, or that the assault was done by different suspects.

Now why do I think Do-jin’s older brother is not the attacker? The unsub looks like a psychopath in training who is practicing his M.O. (modus operandi) by doing various attacks. As shown in previous episodes, Hyun-moo is not that bright to carefully plan such a crime. This is one of the reasons why Yoon Hee-jae calls him the “dumb brother” and why he favors Na-moo more, their father believes his youngest son has the brain to follow his intricate yet dark path. Let’s admit it, psychopaths, at least how they are often portrayed in movies and TV, are smart and detailed with their crimes that’s why the authorities always have a hard time catching them.

Hyun-moo also has an aggressive attitude and anger management issues. He doesn’t have the patience to practice an M.O. He’s the type to attack without much thought.

But what really made me think that Hyun-moo is not the monster behind the recent attacks is the scene where Hee-jae was holding fan letters. As weird as it may sound, famous psychopaths actually have fans, a cult-like fandom. In the Hannibal film series, Dr. Lecter receive letters from his followers. This scene also somehow reminds me of the 1995 American psychological thriller Copycat where the suspect is copying the crimes of famous serial killers Dr. Helen Hudson discussed in her lecture.

Jae-yi received a terrifying “gift” and letter addressed to Gil Nak-won. Hyun-moo is also shown angrily hitting Jae-yi’s magazine picture with a hammer and was seen prying Jae-yi outside her house.

And though he obviously holds a grudge against Jae-yi, whom he believes ruined their family, I get the feeling that the bloodied gift is not from him but from Hee-jae’s crazed follower. I think a fan is idolizing him and gratifying his name by repeating his crimes, or is expressing his adoration by revenging him against Jae-yi.

Tipsy Musings

Since parting ways with Do-jin, Jae-yi has become a famous celebrity and even won an acting award.

Do-jin was hospitalized after being stabbed by the suspect they’re chasing and Jae-yi ended up in the next bed at the emergency room.

For the Nth time. I want to complain about how too melodramatic Jae-yi and Do-jin’s encounters are. Do reporters have to be present every time they accidentally meet, especially Reporter Park?

This scene poked my heart when Do-jin asked his mom to hug him. The complexity of his emotions is now showing, he said to Ok-hee that he met someone he shouldn’t have seen when in reality he frantically searched for her while in the hospital.

Hyun-moo has a weird yet endearing way of showing his affection for Ok-hee.

I’m more than curious to find out who visited Hee-jae in prison aside from Reporter Park.

Tipsy Findings

Here’s another OST from Come and Hug MeDon’t Disappear by Laboum’s Yujeong and Soyeon.


Tipsy’s fave line:

I’m asking time
If it can bring you to me
Before I forget

❤ With Jae-yi’s case being assigned to Do-jin’s team, I’m excited how these two will deal with their feelings. See you on Episodes 13-14.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma


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2 thoughts on “K-Drama Reaction: Come and Hug Me | Episodes 11-12

  1. i think the hidden bad guys is her own brothers. he probably got some sort of alter ego.. seeing how he keeps remembering a scene in his childhood where he probably seems like a killer of his own family


    1. I’m actually bothered by that scene when oppa was shown as a child holding a knife beside his biological mother’s body. That would be a great revelation if that actually happens.


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