K-Drama Reaction: Why Secretary Kim | Episode 6

It looks like a traumatic past will hold off our OTP’s blossoming romance.


It’s now revealed what stopped Lee Young-joon (Park Seo-joon) from kissing Secretary Kim Min-so (Park Min-young) in the last episode, and it’s his visions of a woman whom he also kept on seeing in his dreams. My frustration was immediately replaced by pity for Young-joon especially after I realized that this must be the reason why he didn’t let any woman but Secretary Kim touch him all these years. But what could be the traumatic experience that triggers his visions and nightmares? Could it be connected with the kidnapping incident that Secretary Kim was involved in a couple of years ago? You know, I really like how the drama is incorporating mystery with romance-comedy. It’s making me more curious.

Going back to that embarrassing failed kiss, Young-joon decided to “entertain” Secretary Kim on her dayoff to make up for it, which to me is a success because even I was very entertained by his clumsiness, and narcissistic but charming remarks. See it for yourself!

Clumsy Young-joon at the bus

Heart to heart talk at the pork skin restaurant

Young-joon vs the claw machine

My most favorite Young-joon moment is definitely his face-off with the claw machine because he’s the cutest there! I’m also touched by the effort and determination that he showed, which ultimately earned him one stuffed toy for Secretary Kim that he named “Remember Me.” Omona, I want one, too!


It’s not the first time that I mentioned about my hunch that Young-joon was involved in the kidnapping incident that Secretary Kim wants to dig up, and that he could even be the “brother” that she’s been looking for. His phobia with cable ties and the old scar on his ankle led me to these theories. But these were all crushed after Young-joon told Secretary Kim that it was his hyung Lee Sung-yeon (Lee Tae-hwan) who got kidnapped when they were young.

But what I couldn’t understand is why the two brothers are having the same nightmares? It’s also weird why they have different versions of how their relationship started to turn sour. Sung-yeon claims that it was Young-joon who bullied him in their childhood because the latter is better than him in many things, but Young-joon tells otherwise. Sung-yeon also blames Young-joon as to why he got kidnapped. Hmmm… something’s odd here, I just can’t point it out.

Young-joon is obviously disappointed to know that Secretary Kim’s much gentler approach toward him was because she mistook him for his brother. I’m afraid that this discovery might split Secretary Kim’s attention between the two. Oh please don’t let that happen K-Drama genies because it will surely torture my solid Team Young-joon heart.

P.S. It seems like there are two other OTPs brewing up in this drama huh! I’m excited to see how their own romance stories are gonna develop!

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