K-Drama Reaction: About Time | Episode 8

This drama has gone melodramatic full circle in this episode as it zoomed in on Yoon Do-san’s life story. The news of his impending death tested not only him as well as his younger brother Lee Do-ha. Get your tissues ready for this heart-wrenching episode.

Goodbye Hyung

If it’s tough for Do-san (Jung Moon-sung), Do-ha found it equally hard to accept that his beloved brother is dying. Do-san, in his own words, served as his mother, father, and brother to him so his demise would mean losing his entire family.

Thanks to Choi Mi-ka (Lee Sung-kyung), instead of becoming a crying mess, Do-ha chose to be there for his brother and did everything he wished to do while feigning he’s unaware of his illness. It was not an easy task as every moment suddenly became poignant tempting a tear to roll down his face.

But if Do-ha could do all that, his other brother Do-bin (Min Sung-wook) and their father proved to be different. For me, their ignorance of the situation doesn’t justify their actions. Why is taking a simple family portrait so hard? Well, they don’t seem to be a family at all.

Then Do-san passed away. It was a peaceful but heartbreaking death. He didn’t get his last wish but was able to die without too much pain. It surely brought tears especially that moment Do-ha realized he had gone and wept.

But I was disappointed with the underwhelming resolution of his demise. Dad, surely, was brought to his senses and acknowledged him as his son and even had the family photo he wished for taken. However, I would have wanted to see him grieving or crying. Dad is good at putting a strong facade, isn’t he? And when it comes to the power-greedy Do, we’re not even shown if he felt any remorse for being rude toward his younger brother. People must not really change overnight.


It was one of my guilty pleasures to see Bae Soo-bong (Im Se-mi) slapped by the reality she couldn’t get what she wants because of her influence. Sorry, but I have lost sympathy for her.

And finally, we’ve got another twist with the lifespan thingy. Mi-ka finally saw Do-ha’s clock–and discovered that as her time greatly increases because of him, his greatly reduces. Looks like we’re in for another heart-wrenching dilemma!

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