K-Drama Reaction: A Poem a Day | Episode 10

Favorite Poem of the Episode

How do you nurse a broken heart? Do you avoid the person who’s causing you pain? Or do you face it head-on until the emotions die down? Whatever your approach is, there’s one thing we can’t deny: no one can escape a heartbreak.

Is it really the end?

Just like how most people felt towards themselves during a painful break-up or a heartache in Woo Bo-young (Lee Yu-bi)’s case, she ended up blaming herself for confessing her feelings to a person who’s not yet ready to be in a relationship.

But I liked how she handled her feelings by setting it up straight with Dr. Ye Jae-wook (Lee Joon-hyuk): Don’t be kind towards her. Bo-young must be really naive but she’s really in touch with her emotions.

But how can distancing oneself from the source of pain could be helpful, when you see that person anywhere you go? We might able to enforce physical distance but how do you get far away when that person lingers closest to your heart. But it’s good of Bo-young not to deny her real feelings and face it on.

And as the saying goes: one’s trash is another’s treasure, this lonely point at Bo-young’s life was the most opportune time for Shin Min-ho (Jang Dong-yoon) to prove his worth, that he could rely on him during the toughest of times. It might sound selfish but as long as he’s not self-imposing, I guess there’s no problem with that.

Brewing Romance

Just when it seemed like the romance was on the offing, it already got busted, thanks to Dr. Kim Dae-bang (Defconn’s indecisiveness. He initially impressed our Dr Kim Yoon-joo (Lee Chae-young) by his chivalrous gestures but his inability to make decisions sabotaged him.


I’d like how this drama, from time to time, touched on workplace issues. This time on patients lording over health professionals and wrongfully ordering them around. These people worked hard to be where they are and they should be treated with utmost respect. Just because you pay for your treatment doesn’t mean you can make an unreasonable request.

Yikes! Looks like it’s not only Bo-young who’s struggling with her emotions because Dr. Ye seemed really affected as well.

But this guy’s the most pitiful of them all, bearing all the guilt for what he assumed he’s done to make the two suffer. LOL.

Poetry Time!

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3 thoughts on “K-Drama Reaction: A Poem a Day | Episode 10

  1. I wonder if you are a team Yeline or team Minho.
    because I’ve read in http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/05/12/poem-a-day-hurling-the-bracelet-pt-2/ and I hate the argument on hiw much they want Minho to win over BY with reasons like she’s the most comfortable with him etc

    but as I see the story per episodes, I find Ye Jae Wook to be much more suited to be the winner.

    1st.. Both of BY and Ye got hurted from someone they love. they understand each other easily.

    2nd.. in an unstable life of a young kind girl, she’s gonna love how stable her man is. especially since Ye seems to know what he want in life and seems like heading in a right direction. unlike Minho who’s not even truly made up his mind on anything except BY. he don’t even sort out his family situation in the drama and just let it be.

    3rd.. I can agreed about love not being comfortable enough and ashame when in love. that being too comfortable might not necessarily be love. and love comes in many ways. Both BY and Ye understand that and probably knows how comfortable can come later

    4th.. Minho is totally a jerk pissing her off when he knows she secretely date him. yet Ye is so relax since he’s matured enough to be confident he already win the girls.. if Minho truly love BY sincerely, he should be happy that BY gets to be with Ye instead of trying to get in their ways

    5th.. remember the confession episode where Minho lose his timing.. Minho lose his timing years ago.. back in their college days when he should treat her nicely back then. Why now would he fall for BY? it’s too late. right now, the timing is perfect for Ye and BY. Ye needs comfort from BY as he truly get over his ex, while BY truly fall for his small gestures who treat her nicely when others won’t.

    so go fuck up to team Minho who keep defending that immature guy to be a couple with my adorable BY. .. Minho is to absurb as a male lead since he is like wandering without purpose on planet earth so when he realized BY used to treat him nicely, he wants that back when he already throw her away.. pfffttt team Minho ..

    btw, I love the way BY says “Yeay!!” holding up her hand when she drunkly told Ye she’s a Yeline.


    1. Hi sct! Don’t worry! I’m definitely part of the Ye Line. Maybe, they just feel bad for Minho because he doesn’t have a family who cares for him so Bo-young seemed to be his only source of happiness. However, nothing beats the heart-fluttering scenes between Dr. Ye and Bo-young. The two not only have similarities with each other which you perfectly pointed out, but they also complement one another. Bo-young’s a little emotional while Dr. Ye is good at controlling his feelings (well, except in episode 11 haha) so I think they’re a good pair! Don’t fret! Even my friend Maknae Ahjumma is on our side too!!

      Ye Line all the way!

      Sorry for the late reply. Just like my name says, I’m pretty busy. Hope you’ll follow my review til the end. Thank you!


    2. Hello there sct! I so feel you, especially on your point about timing. I find Minho adorable but he should accept that he already lost his chance.

      But Yay to everyone who’s on Team Ye Line!


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