K-Drama Reaction: Wok of Love | Episodes 23-24

Oh how I missed Chil-sungi’s face! Finally, after two weeks, Wok of Love is back and it’s definitely making up for the lost times. We get heartfelt conversations and a cooking face-off this week!

“She’s my mom”

So we get the continuation of the Chil-sung’s (Jang Hyuk) conversation with his long lost mom (Lee Mi-sook), and it’s a cry fest. We learned that he was abandoned at a Chinese restaurant while eating jjajangmyeon with sweet and sour pork. I cried when he upbraided his mom for leaving him without even paying for the food she ordered, prompting the restaurant owner to report Chil-sung to the police. Poor child. Now we know how deep is Chil-sung’s wound when it comes to his past.

Wok 23-24

We also saw him broke down alone at his most vulnerable state, where no one could see him – a far cry from the Hyung that everyone depends on. And then, when he regained composure, he went back home as if nothing happened, ready to adopt the cute little kitten held by Sae-woo (Jung Ryeo-won).

Wok 23-24 (3)

Dim Sum’s parents

Remember the kitten whom Poong (Junho) used to talk to when he was feeling down? It got itself a new set parents now! Sae-woo asked Chil-sung to raise the kitten because it kept on going at the restaurant anyway. She even named it Dim Sum! Chil-sung volunteered to be its mom, and Sae-woo now acts as its dad. How cute is that?? They are now Dim Sum’s new furparents!

Wok 23-24 (2)

Tasting session

In a bid to gain back the customers that they are about to lose to Hungry Wok, Master Wang (Lim Won-hee) offered the VIP client (Bae Hye-sun) the same price range offered by Poong with the luxurious hotel menu. Sounds tempting, of course, but Poong wasn’t the type to give up easily, so he asked the VIP for a tasting session to let her decide on which dish offering would taste better. Poong showed up at Finishing Touches, and cooked the best sweet and sour pork and jjajangmyeon of his life. I liked how the face-off between Master Wang and Poong showed the big difference in their cooking style. Master Wang cooked the most exquisite jjajangmyeon, worthy of being served at a five-star hotel, while Poong made a simple – an ode to the basics – yet savory jjajangmyeon. Of course, the classic was chosen by the VIP guest and Poong was able to prove himself finally at the very kitchen that evicted him.

Wok 23-24 (1)

But Giant Hotel CEO Yong Seung-ryong (Kim Sa-kwon) would do everything not to lose to Poong, especially now that we learned about his money probs. I’m looking forward how Poong and Chil-sung will react once they learned that all their efforts were useless because CEO Yong is about to call the hospital director for the banquet agreement.

Wok 23-24 (5)

Push and pull

I want to give props to Poong for his hesitations. You can’t choose who you love, but you can always control your actions. And the fact that he goes back and forth when it comes to Sae-woo means he values Chil-sung a lot. Poor Sae-woo got caught in between a strong bromance!

Wok 23-24 (4)

…which is why despite being a full-fledged Chil-sung shipper, I now give my blessing to Poong. I wasn’t bitter anymore when they kissed. It’s the right timing. We’ll deal with Chil-sung’s (and my) feelings later.

Wok 23-24 (3)Wok 23-24 (1)

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