First Impressions: Are You Human Too, Why Secretary Kim, Life on Mars

Looks like we’ve traversed all the timelines–past, present, and future–with these new drama offerings. And while June has provided us some time to catch with our breath trying to chase all the dramas out there, these three are worth checking out, and arguably tuning into.


Are You Human Too?
Network: KBS
Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance
No. of Episodes: 32 episodes (35 mins)

Let’s start with a drama that is futuristic not because it’s set in a new millennium but because of this one element–very human-like androids. Seo Kang joon plays dual roles as a cocky chaebol and an android which was designed after him. I was a little worried about the sci-fi theme because it could either work fantastically or could go really unrealistic and for the first episode, I believe it’s the former. I liked how Namsin-3 (the android Seo Kang-joon) was given humanity by showing the viewers that just like a normal person, he has actually grown up–from a child to HANDSOME man. This would eliminate a future problem where the Android and the heroine will fall in love and it would be hard for us to sympathize. But that’s also where issues lie, is Namsin-3 the real main character of this show and not the human one? If he is, then what future awaits a romance between a robot and a human.

Verdict: We all know where the story is heading, the android Seo Kang-joon will have to pose as his human counterpart and avoid being found out. In the process, he and his leading lady will fall in love. And that’s if the story takes the typical route, so we can never really tell. But to be honest, Seo Kang-joon’s killer visuals are already enough to stick to this show.


Why Secretary Kim?
Network: tvN
Genre: Romantic comedy
No. of Episodes: 16 episodes (60 mins)

Now let’s move to the modern-day Korea where a narcissistic chaebol and a diligent secretary live. Unlike many dramas where our OTP are yet to meet in the first episode and forge a connection, Why Secretary Kim did it the other way around–separation. Secretary Kim (Park Min-young) dutifully hovers around Lee Young-joon (Park Seo-joon), ready to follow all his orders without a single complaint–for nine years. She’s the only woman he can rely on and is the only woman whom he allows some intimate proximity with him, so imagine what kind of a shock hit him when she suddenly blurts out she’s resigning to ‘live her own life.’ The drama’s story very simple and I’m not complaining because it’s really fun to watch. The characters are all interesting especially the two leads as the self-centered heir and skillful secretary. And did I forget to mention that there’s overflowing chemistry from the two Park’s.

Verdict: If you’ve been burned out by all the intricacies of the plots of other dramas you’re watching, then Why Secretary Kim would be a sweet escape.


Life on Mars
Network: OCN
Genre: Crime, Sci-Fi
No. of Episodes: 16 episodes (60 mins)

Finally, let’s go back to the past with our hero Han Tae-joo (Jung Kyung-ho) in Life on Mars as he was literally sent off the 1980s after a car accident. In present-day Korea, Han is a cold detective who goes by the books when it comes to criminal investigation. He’s skilled at forensic science and he believes physical evidence is of most significance when it comes to resolving a case. And this is where the story will get interesting because our hero was thrown into an era devoid of all the technologies and science he’s used to. The episode presented us with a serial crime at the present timeline but whose clues are in the 1980s. It’s a mystery Han needs to solve with the aid of a bizaare detective squad.

Verdict: What I found interesting the most about the episode was a show’s sidelight: the way women are viewed backwardly in the police force in the past. And I’m keen to see how it would change with a help from a  strange guest from the future. And would it be too much to ask for a crossover from the Reply 1988 cast? LOL.

Busy Ahjussi’s Ranking:

  1. Why Secretary Kim
  2. Life on Mars
  3. Are You Human Too?

How about yours?

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