K-Drama Reaction: Are You Human, Too? | Episodes 11-12

Can somebody please enlighten this ahjumma why on earth does the chairman fakes his dementia? Or my interpretation was wrong? I was so taken aback by this revelation?! I never thought we would use Namsin’s (Seo Kang-joon) lie detecting hand to a very important role. 😂 This makes me really sad that we only get one full episode this week!

Human 11-12 (5)

Slave Tin Can and his master

Uhm, as much as I’m annoyed by So-bong (Gong Seung-yeon), I can’t really deny the chemistry between her and Namsin. They’re just so cute (except for the unsolicited kiss part). I just hope she won’t fall for him too hard because he is still a robot at the end of the day.

Human 11-12 (4)

After that unsolicited kiss at the family dinner, Namsin does everything to make it up to So-bong. He will follow her orders from now on, with role reversals whenever they are alone together.

Human 11-12 (4)Human 11-12 (1)

But then I feel like So-bong is also beginning to be shaken by her robot slave, especially when she kissed her at the park! Boy, So-bong was triggered by Namsin’s question!

Human 11-12 (2)

Young-hoon’s past

Now we know how Young-hoon (Lee Joon-hyuk) ended up in the Nam household. Grandpa paid for his education and asked him to move in with them so he could be Sin’s shadow, in exchange, he will get to enjoy the luxurious life that Sin has. Though Grandpa acknowledged this offer as unfair because Young-hoon would be living to clean up after Sin’s mess all the time, Young-hoon seemed to have accepted that this is his reality. He just accepted his fate, and now that they are all grown-up, he seemed to be conflicted of his own path. Does he truly care for Sin or does he only like what Sin has? I hope Young-hoon would not have a change of heart and stay loyal to Sin.

Human 11-12 (5)Human 11-12 (3)

It also doesn’t help that the revelation about Namsin’s kill switch bugs him every time. He feels sorry for the robot who showed nothing but obedience and kindness to him. The human Sin was never appreciative of his efforts, but the robot Namsin legit cares about him.

Human 11-12 (1)

Going back to the dementia issue…

After several episodes where Grandpa chairman showed signs of having dementia, I can’t believe we were all duped by him. I have two theories why Grandpa fakes his illness… 1) He wants everyone to know he is ill so that Sin will be forced to takeover PK Group and push through with the wedding. Remember that the marriage with Ye-na also weakens Director Seo’s claim to the company. 2) Even though this is somewhat related to my first theory, I think Grandpa fakes his dementia so that all his enemies will reveal themselves altogether. Y’know, it’s a recurring issue in this show: TRUST. Everyone in this show seems to either betray or get betrayed by someone. And Grandpa wants to know once and for all who will be on his side when he is a powerless and old sick man.

Human 11-12 (7)


Ye-na (Park Hwan-hee) is one indestructible love-stricken girl. If only she could divert her love for Sin to more productive things like stopping her own father from harming innocent people just to pursue his evil advances.

Human 11-12 (6)

And speaking of trust issues, I know Aunt is really sly since the beginning, but I can’t really compute what’s her deal right now. Yes, it’s pretty obvious that she wants her fair share of her father’s wealth… but how far will she go?

Human 11-12 (8)

LOL I want more scenes at the gym! Show give me more scenes at the gym!

Human 11-12 (3)

At the end of the day, all I want from this show is to not break my heart when the human Sin wakes up. The robot Namsin is just too precious for this cruel world.

Human 11-12 (2)Human 11-12 (1)



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