K-Drama Reaction: Miss Hammurabi | Episode 10

You also have to give your heart a break.

A Cruel World

Park Cha O Reum (Go Ara) is slowly discovering the realities of the world she wanted to save. She had to give her testimony about Judge Gam’s case but she was faced by another ambitious person. She just wanted to have justice but it was being used to cover-up other corruption cases in the prosecution.

O Reum is slowly realizing that the equality she wanted to have is far from her reach. She realized judges have limited capability and are bound by law. NJ Group’s Min Yong-joon (Lee Tae-sung) was just telling O Reum the truth. She needed to gain power if she really wants to change the system. As if that problem isn’t enough, another case came in involving a previous whistleblower. The officemate of the sexually abused intern was fired and she was trying to appeal her unfair dismissal.

The parallelism between this case and what was happening to O Reum didn’t go unnoticed. I really like how these cases were used to make the characters reflect on their own situation.

A Frustrated Hero

Im Ba-reun (Infinite L/Kim Myung-soo) was there to support O Reum. Their opinions may different but they sure are learning from each other. Ba-reun was teaching O Reum that she could not control everything. I love their banter where he explained why he wasn’t being hypocritical when he lectured her about using her position to get revenge.

Without realizing, O Reum is becoming like the same people she loathed. Yes, he wasn’t perfect. We saw that in the previous episode but Ba-reun, despite hating people, doesn’t let his emotion cloud his rationale.

O Reum must learn to control her personal feelings when dealing with their cases. It wouldn’t always end the way she wanted it to.

A Wounded Healer

Aside from Ba-reun, O Reum also found support from a female presiding judge. She told O Reum that she can use her wounds and scars to be a better judge. I totally agree with her. Yes, O Reum can’t change her past but she can look at it differently. She should realize that her past, every dark and traumatic bit, is part of who she was today

Presiding Judge Han Se-sang was also there for his associates. He was quick to remind them that they had to stay strong. I also have to note that he is now listening to O Reum. He understands where O Reum is coming from but he is there to stir her in the right direction. His headstrong associate needed some guiding, especially when things become too personal for O Reum.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

This episode could have been too heavy to handle if not for the balancing light moments. The series has once again succeeded in mirroring real life scenarios. I think the script is the biggest strength of this series. I hold onto every word said by the characters. It always hit home.

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts

– Things didn’t go quite go well to our second couple.

– My ultimate dream is to have a date with L at the Han River.

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