K-Drama Reaction: Miss Hammurabi | Episode 11

The weeds won’t die unless you pull out its roots.

The Sinful Angel

There’s a new case for Presiding Judge Han Se-sang (Sung Dong-il) and his associate judges Park Cha O Reum (Go Ara) and Im Ba-reun (Infinite L / Kim Myung-soo). They have to handle the case of a neighborhood thief who used stolen goods to buy glue and get high. It seems to be an ordinary case of a delinquent youth but O Reum discovered it is not. She found out that a lot of other youths in the area were addicted to glue. And just like the previous cases, she made it her mission to try and change the situation.

Although I sometimes think O Reum’s beliefs are too idealistic, I still admire the way she views things. She has a different perspective in every situation she became involved. She’s not like the most of us who easily dismiss things and people. She really looked at things closely and learn every detail. I know she needs to change in some way but I hope this characteristic would remain in her until the end.

A Second Chance

The society might think they are hopeless but O Reum believes they still deserve a second chance. The usually apathetic Ba-reun helped her out on her mission to save other youths from getting addicted to glue. They campaigned on the street and to manufacturers to try and stop the supply of the product to affected areas. The two judges really made an effort to make the youths realize there are still adults who want to help them.

It was a bit funny how Ba-reun was dragged into wearing that campaign sash and convince every store owners with his bedimpled smile. O Reum is really pushing him out of the comfort zone he made for himself. Before O Reum came into the picture, Ba-reun will now do anything that goes against the system. He might seem anti-social but he also doesn’t disrupt the norm. I like how O Reum is slowly changing him to be more proactive and fight for his beliefs.

Closer Together

I realized in this episode that Ba-reun knew O Reum better. He knew what she was thinking before she even says it to him. He might have a crush on her before but it was only now that his feelings are starting to grow. The cases they are handling is pulling them closer to each other. Their views might clash from time to time but it also means that they balance each other out.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

This is a relatively lighter episode. The issue they discussed was serious but it didn’t feel as heavy as the previous cases. I’m also glad we see a happy ending for the abandoned children. O Reum was seeing her old self in those children and made it a mission to help them out. It was also apparent that each case really make an impact on our characters. They seem to be changing little by little in every episode. I think we must prepare our hearts to handle the second half of this series.

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts:

– Ga-on is actually cute if he isn’t high.

– They finally cleared up their misunderstanding.

– Me to L:

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4 thoughts on “K-Drama Reaction: Miss Hammurabi | Episode 11

  1. Love this drama, one of the best around – go JTBC- and I’m enjoying the tension between the two leads. That reaction she had after she teased him to THAT smile! I agree we’re going to have to prepare our hearts for the second half of the series and I’m curious how the second leads’ story will pan out too.


    1. Hi Paul! thanks for reading!

      I love that scene too! I love the subtle changes in their relationship in every episode 🙂


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