K-Drama Reaction: Why Secretary Kim | Episode 7


Alright, I’ll admit that I didn’t put much weight on Lee Young-joon’s (Park Seo-joon) cryptic statement in the previous episode saying he hired Secretary Kim (Park Min-young) because she’s Kim Mi-so. But now I realized that it’s quite the biggest clue that this drama has dropped so far, hinting that Young-joon might actually be that boy who got kidnapped together with Secretary Kim. If that’s the case, then does it mean that Young-joon is only faking his selective amnesia? Why? Is it because he wants to protect his hyung by letting him believe that it was because of him that’s why he got kidnapped, but the truth is it’s the other way around? But then again, why?

I have a theory that maybe, just maybe, Young-joon and Lee Sung-yeon’s (Lee Tae-hwan) parents were the ones behind this. Not because of a bad reason, but because they wanted to protect both of their sons from the implications of that incident without knowing that their move is only causing more damage to the two brothers up until now. I was thinking that the parents probably asked Young-joon to just let his hyung believe that he was the victim because he’s the “weaker” one between them two and he might not be able to handle the truth that it was because of him his younger brother got kidnapped. This might be the reason why Young-joon is cold toward their parents, and could be a contributing factor why he’s a narcissist. If you can also remember, it was revealed in one of the past episodes that there was a news blackout about the kidnapping incident, which is suspicious. Do I make sense? LOL.

Another point that I missed in the previous episode is the fact that it wasn’t only Young-joon who got very much disappointed over the “revelation” that it was his hyung and not him who got kidnapped. Maybe I need to learn a thing or two from dramaland’s best BFF Park Yoo-sik (Kang Ki-young), who is too quick-witted not to notice that Secretary Kim was also very disappointed.


So, Secretary Kim and her colleagues went out for a workshop/team building activity, but it almost got ruined when Young-joon unexpectedly followed them at the venue. Thank goodness that Young-joon has another thing in mind, and that is to make use of the team building to convince Secretary Kim to finally accept his proposal to date him officially, and eventually get married. Omo!

Young-joon is too cute whenever he’s jealous of his hyung and Secretary Kim’s growing closeness, isn’t he? But the tension between the two brothers can also be scary.

Actually, I’m quite irked of Sung-yeon because he’s acting like his relationship with Secretary Kim is already on a different level.

Okay, going back to the team building event, let’s take a look back at the sweet and funny moments between our main OTP!

Young-joon and Secretary Kim’s own version of “The Classic” rain scene

Young-joon giving Secretary Kim candy to calm her down after she saw a spider (Another clue!!!)

Young-joon explaining to Secretary Kim why he doesn’t want her to dig up a painful memory (with a special mention of his dog Big Bang Andromeda Supernova Sonic 😂😂😂)

Of course, our supporting OTPs also have their own moments during the team building activity!

Ne, ne, Mr. Go Gwi-nam (Chansung), we believe that you’re not after the PC tablet prize. Not at all. 😂

Mr. Yang Cheol (Kang Hong-suk) may be weak, but he is surely quick!

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