K-Drama Reaction: Why Secretary Kim | Episode 8

This episode is giving me two strong, opposing emotions at the same time. I’m very happy because finally, Secretary Kim Mi-so (Park Min-young) accepted Lee Young-joon’s (Park Seo-joon) heart, and confessed to him that she likes him, too. But, I’m also confused about what really happened to Secretary Kim, Young-joon, and Lee Sung-yeon (Lee Tae-hwan) in the past. But first, let’s discuss the happy feelz!


At laaaaast! Young-joon and Secretary Kim finally shared their first kiss. It was such a long and intimate kiss that made my heart jump with so much joy. Just beautiful. This was after Secretary Kim confessed to Young-joon that she likes him too and that there’s nothing going on between her and his hyung.

All of Young-joon’s efforts to make Secretary Kim feel that he’s sincere with his feelings for her finally paid off. Actually, I’m amazed with Secretary Kim’s strong resolve not to get swayed easily by Young-joon because if I were her, I’d accept his marriage proposal in a heartbeat. Wait, I think I always say this in my K-Drama Reactions lol. Yes, I’m this kind of girl. But who can blame me? Young-joon is so good-looking, capable, and filthy rich! Nevermind that he’s a narcissist or doesn’t know how to grill meat because who cares? I can put up with his narcissistic side, and eat ramyeon and kimchi with him for the rest of my life. Good luck, kidneys! Lol.


PD-nim, why are you doing this to us? Instead of getting answers as the drama progresses, I only get more and more questions. And I think that my theory about the parents having a hand in manipulating the truth is wrong. It seems to me that Young-joon and Sung-yeon’s parents are the ones fed with wrong information. I don’t know how it happened, but I think that Madame Choi (Kim Hye-ok) and Secretary Kim were talking about two different boys.

Madame Choi said Sung-yeon was wearing a cardigan when he got kidnapped, but Secretary Kim recalled that the boy was wearing a jacket. Madame Choi also said Sung-yeon easily gets cold, but he actually likes winter. It is Young-joon who in reality gets cold easily. Remember that he said it to Secretary Kim while they were taking shelter from the rain in the previous episode? It’s just so weird that Madame Choi seems not to know these things about her sons. Hahaha here I am again making theories!

Even though the truth is yet to be revealed, I already knew in my heart that Young-joon is really that boy Secretary Kim has been looking for. There are just too many clues that say he’s the one. The reason why he hired Secretary Kim, the old scars on his ankles, the caramel candy, his facial expressions while he reads Secretary Kim’s journal, and his phobia with cable ties are more than enough to prove that he was that young boy. We just need to confirm whether the boy’s feet was tied during the whole kidnapping incident because that would be the key to unlock this mystery. Remember that Sung-yeon has no scars on his ankles.

What’s intriguing me more than anything else is the reason why Young-joon is faking his selective amnesia. It’s so obvious that he’s faking it because it’s unbelievable that he suddenly lost his memory just after fainting one day. I just hope that he takes off his underwear, no not the literal one but it’s okay if he wants to lol. I mean the underwear inside his head that BFF Yoo-sik is talking about because he I think this will help him free himself from all his pain, phobia, and trauma. Don’t you think?

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