K-Drama Reaction: Are You Human, Too? | Episodes 15-16

What makes Are You Human, Too? different from other robot dramas is that it’s main character, Namsin 3 (Seo Kang-joon), is presented in such a way that we will invest in him. We saw him “grow up” from the young boy Namsin 1 to teenage Namsin 2, and now, as a full grown adult Namsin 3. We also got to see him evolve in his capabilities – from not being able to walk on a flight of stairs to running and jumping on moving cars; from not having facial expressions to making our hearts melt with his warm smile; from being the apathetic robot who only cares about his Mom to the precious android who save other people’s lives. I don’t know about you, but if the primary goal of this show is to question its audience of their “humanity” or the essence of being “human,” then it’s doing a good job in proving that even though he is just a piece of plastic and metal, he is more humane than everyone else in this drama.

Human 15-16 (8)

And this time, we saw him develop his own algorithm towards So-bong. For so long, he has been following orders from his Mother. But ever since he spends almost 24 hours with So-bong, he somehow made a rule on his own – and that is to protect So-bong at all cost.

Human 15-16 (9)

Why is everyone provoking Young-hoon???? I want him to be on the good side! I’m just so happy when he confronted the chairman about his loyalty and ultimate goal. But I guess, Grandpa has his reason for suspecting that Young-hoon would somehow turn out to be like Director Seo. I will just continue to believe that he will never leave Sin’s side no matter what.

Human 15-16 (2)

Human 15-16 (3)

I just realized in this episode that my least favorite scenes in this drama were not the annoying office politics and family drama. It’s whenever I see Namsin get ignored by the people he holds dear. I hate to see Namsin getting sidelined by his own Mom as if he is just an object that they can order around. In fact, I like the development in his algorithm towards So-bong. At least So-bong legit cares for him, unlike everyone who only sees him as temporary replacement to fill Sin’s position.

Human 15-16 (5)

Human 15-16 (6)

What’s with K-drama villains and shady abandoned buildings? Anyway, since Director Seo is low-key threatening So-bong if ever she plans on betraying him, So-bong has decided to quit her job as a spy-slash-bodyguard. I can’t blame her if I’m in her position. No amount of money can guarantee her and her family’s safety. I can’t blame her for wanting to leave everything behind and start anew sans the complicated “game of thrones” in PK Group.

Human 15-16 (10)

Human 15-16 (11)


No wonder, more and more people enter Namsin’s secret circle, he is so innocent! He sometimes take things literally, and easily warms towards other people. Staying all night while So-bong’s father slept soundly would make anyone suspect him!

Human 15-16 (12)

Human 15-16 (13)

Mom is back and is ready to take her rightful place. Supporting this move except for the fact that she is still stern in destroying Namsin through that kill switch once the human Sin wakes up.

Human 15-16 (14)

LOL this sums up why I hate Ye-na.

Human 15-16 (4)

Can you make a rule on this too, Namsin?

Human 15-16 (1)

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