K-Drama Reaction: Miss Hammurabi | Episode 13

Please bear with my long rants in this episode.

Common Sense

We’re down to the last few episodes and I thought I have already seen everything but this series still has a lot more to offer. Since the Civil Court Department 44 is now handling criminal cases, they have been assigned to hear the case of a prominent professor who allegedly raped his student. A quasi-rape in legal term but I think a rape is a rape regardless of the details. Anyway, the case became more complicated as the professor involved turned out to be the brother-in-law of NJ Group’s Min Yong-joon (Lee Tae-sung). Since the defendant came from a powerful family, he can afford to hire a lawyer (who seem to be an expert on defending disgusting people). This said defense lawyer sure knows how to ask the right question to make it look like the victim willfully agreed to the sexual act. I’m enraged with his questioning and I know a lot of people still thinks that way.

Since I’m not a judge, I’m free to make my biases known and here’s my two cents worth: NO MEANS NO. As Im Ba-reun (Infinite L / Kim Myung-soo) said, humans are created to communicate verbally so why would someone assume what a woman wants based on their actions alone. Is that defendant a mutant who could read minds? He clearly isn’t. He’s just someone who can’t keep his small thing on his pants.

Going back to the series, I’m not surprised at all that they dealt with this controversial issue really well. The contrast between what we heard in the court and that scene with Secretary Lee Do-yeon (Lee Elijah) and Judge Jung Bo-wang (Ryu Deok-hwan) showed the difference between a sexual harassment and a sincere relationship. The second couple showed that social norms can be broken; that what they called as normal is often outdated. I’m proud on how Judge Jung stood up with his annoying Presiding Judge. They are not doing anything wrong so why hide it? He is usually careful with how he assimilate in the court but he knew now he would not drown if he tried to go against the current.

The Most Powerful

Every character has shown they’ve changed. Park Cha O Reum (Go Ara) is aware now that she isn’t always right and that she also has her own set of biases. She knows she should not bring those prejudices inside the courtroom and look at things in the fairest manner. Things are tough but Ba-reun and Presiding Judge Han Se-sang’s (Sung Dong-il) make it a bit lighter for her.

Judge Han might be ill-tempered but his words guide O Reum in her journey as a judge. He put O Reum in place when she’s becoming overzealous. He plays a fatherly role to this young judge who clearly needs someone to stir her back on the right path when she feels lost. That scene where he opened up about his own similar experience as a judge makes me want to hug him and cry. His simple words mean a lot to O Reum and Ba-reun. I hope they will remember it when they face more difficult trials in the future.

Unavoidable Inconvenience

We all know something has changed between O Reum and Ba-reun’s relationship. Both of them grew a lot and became close to each other. Once again, this series proved they don’t need fireworks and flash mobs to make our lonely hearts filled with romantic feelings. Their words alone are enough to make the butterflies in my stomach dance with happiness and excitement. I have to commend the actors, both L and Ara, for delivering those dialogues beautifully.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

This is my favorite episode yet. The changes in each character became clearer and they are being honest with how they feel now. This progress is exciting and terrifying at the same time. The characters become more invested with each other and it means they are more prone to make judgment clouded by their emotions. I just hope the series could maintain this kind of entertainment until the end.

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts:

– Me to people who still think a woman’s relationship is a measurement of how they should be treated:

– My face while watching that annoying lawyer interrogate the victim:

– Oppa still looks gorgeous even when angry

– Dear office crush,

– I will be an inconvenience for you oppa!!! (lol)

– This OST!!!

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