UEE, Lee Jang-woo to reunite in weekend drama My Beautiful Side

Uee (My Husband Oh Jak-doo) and Lee Jang-woo (Rosy Lovers) are set to reunite in a new KBS2 weekend drama!

Insiders have confirmed the two stars’ appearance in My Beautiful Side, which will follow the story of a woman who learns that her parents are not really her biological parents and that they are murderers.

Uee is set to play the role of that woman whose name is Kim Do-ran. She is described as someone with volatile temper but has a strong sense of responsibility. She is also an English major graduate preparing for her teacher certificate examination while teaching part-time at a private institution.

Meanwhile, My Beautiful Side will be Lee Jang-woo’s first drama since being discharged from the military. His role is characterized as a dutiful son who lives up to his parents’ expectations except that he refuses to get married.

Uee and Lee Jang-woo first worked together as Music Bank emcees in 2012 and 2013. Their new project is set to premiere in September.

<< Uee courted to star in weekend drama My Beautiful Side


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