K-Drama Reaction: Come and Hug Me | Episodes 13-14

It’s confirmed. A psycho is indeed on the loose, but the big question now is who it is. Though evidence points toward Yoon Hyun-moo, like how he was the one who paid the suspect who stabbed Chae Do-jin’s colleague, I’d still put my bet that it’s not him.

For Come and Hug Me Eps 13-14 reaction, let’s dig into some points to see how sick this unsub could be.

That Night – A Replay

Things are getting frightening for Han Jae-yi as this psychopath is showing how insanely scary he could get. First, Do-jin and his team discovered that the bloodied hammer was sent from “the house on the hill” in Gyeonggi Province. Yep, the house where Yoon Hee-hae murdered Jae-yi’s parents.

Second, the police confirmed that the blood on the hammer is that of a human, and that it actually belongs to one of the victims of the random attacks they’re investigating.

Third, and the worst of all, the unsub sent Jae-yi to the set of her drama which he fixed to look like the living room of Gil Nak-won’s house. And though the set already has a Christmas tree, the psycho meticulously arranged it to look like that night when Hee-jae “visited” Jae’yi’s home.

The card on the tree was even addressed to Nak-won, and the scariest thing is that her family portrait is displayed.

Imagine Jae-yi’s fear when she find herself locked inside the set while a man holding a hammer is slowly approaching her.

Tipsy Findings

For this episode’s Tipsy Finding’s let’s look at the past dramas of the tough Hyun-moo or actor Kim Kyung-nam in real life.

In 2017, Kim Kyung-nam participated in the hit SBS drama Innocent Defendant as the character Cha Sun-ho’s secretary.

In the same year, he was casted to play alongside Go Kyung-pyo and Chae Soo-bin in KBS2’s Strongest Deliveryman.

Kim Kyung-nam also starred in tvN’s Prison Playbook as Lee Joon-dol, Jung Kyung-ho’s younger brother and Park Hae-soo’s avid fan.

And recently, he had a cameo as a police officer in the second episode of About Time.

❤ Will Do-jin and Jae-yi even have the time to entertain their feelings while the latter’s safety is on the line? See you on the next episode!


~ Tipsy Ahjumma


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