K-Drama Reaction: Come and Hug Me | Episodes 15-16

Things got messier now after the recent attack on Han Jae-yi and with Yoon Hyun-moo being declared as the primary suspect.

But behind all these scary events and high tension, one thing is for sure. Nak-won and Na-moo’s feelings did not fade.

Just Like the Old Times

I’m feeling really bad for Jae-yi now. After trying her best to survive and stay strong for 12 years, another psychopath is reliving the memory she wants to forget the most. Good thing the reliable Chae Do-jin is here to save the day, just like the old times.

Do-jin arrived in the nick of time before the attacker was able to hurt Jae-yi. He found her crutching beside the Christmas tree hiding her face. All of this is like the replay of that frightful night, even the way Do-jin held Jae-yi in his arms and the way they referred to each other as Na-moo and Nak-won.

While looking out for her at her house, Jae-yi asked Do-jin why he didn’t keep his promise to find her. And he answered that it’s because he still feels sorry for what happened to her family. I was really touched when Jae-yi told him that she might sound crazy and the attack on her might be done by Do-jin’s brother but she’s still happy because she got to see him.

Tipsy Musings

I’d still travel the path of not believing Hyun-moo is behind all of this chaos. Someone sent him the photos of the bloodied hammer given to Jae-yi, so obviously it was not from him.

I also believe he’s not responsible for the recent attacks. If you remember, the cops in the past episode confirmed that the blood on the hammer belongs to one of the victims. So this could mean that who ever sent the photos to him is the one behind all of this.

Yoon Hee-jae also received photos of the drama set arranged to look like Nak-won’s living room, this just strengthens my hunch that a crazy fan of his is idolizing him and repeating everything. And who do you think I suspect?

This guy who ate at Ok-hee’s restaurant. His clothes look like the one from the CCTV footage and you can see him reading something, probably Hee-jae’s book. This is just a wild theory but I think he visited Ok-hee’s restaurant to have a taste of what Hee-jae ate in the past.

Oh, and let’s not forget the mystery of Gil Moo-won’s scary flashback.

Tipsy Findings

I’ve noticed this oppa first while watching Age of Youth, and I was actually shipping her with Kang unni. Let’s take a look at the other dramas of Nak-won’s handsome brother, Moo-won or actor Yoon Jong-hoon in real life.

In 2013, oppa debuted with tvN’s youth and music-oriented drama Monstar.

He also appeared in the famed Reply 1994 in the same year.

Viewers start noticing him as the intern Im Young-gyu in the 2014 series Emergency Couple.

Yoo  Jong-hoon also appeared in tvN’s Misaeng.

In 2015, he participated in MBC’s A Daughter Just Like You.

The following year, he was casted in tvN’s Another Miss Oh which stars Shinhwa’s Eric and Seo Hyun-jin.

He then starred in Age of Youth as Ryu Hwa-young’s sweet and reliable best friend Seo Dong-joo.

In 2017, he acted alongside Shin Se-kyung in tvN’s Bride of Habaek.

He also starred in the MBC saeguk The King In Love as Wang Jeon.

And just recently, he appeared in SBS hit drama Return.


❤ With evertything being blamed on him, Hyun-moo made his move and declared war against his brother. How will things turn out for these siblings? Let’s find out in the next episode.

~ Tipsy Ahjumma


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