K-Drama Reaction: Come and Hug Me | Episodes: 17-18

In the name of all things insane and sick, the K-Drama genies gave us a lot of heart-stopping moments in these chapters of Come and Hug Me. To start, let’s see how Yoon Hyun-moo and Chae Do-jin’s bloody brawl ended.

Of Blood, Sweat and Tears

After being declared as the police’s primary suspect for the random assaults and the attack on Han Jae-yi, Hyun-moo decided to confront his brother who’s currently looking out for the actress at her home.

The two exchanged punches with Hyun-moo trying to hit his brother with a hammer. But despite this violent fistfight and Hyun-moo owning up to everything, I’d still believe in the innocence of Do-jin’s older brother. His face tells us that Do-jin’s words got to him when he said that they grew up only having each other because appa never protected them. Flashbacks came in Hyun-moo’s mind telling him that what his dongsaeng said is true.

Do-jin also tearfully reminded Hyun-moo that he, Ok-hee and So-jin never gave up on him, and that he knows it every time he rejects their prison visit. But what really touched me was when Na-moo apologized and reminded his hyung how he was the one who threw his hammer away. It was like Hyun-moo telling his younger brother not to follow their father’s bleak path.

I guess Hyun-moo’s rage got the best out of him as he unsheathed a knife after hearing Jae-yi’s voice. Do-jin tried to stop him and Hyun-moo ended up accidentally stabbing his brother.

Hyun-moo was shocked and scared after hurting his dongsaeng and ended up running away. His reaction conveys how he did not mean to stab Do-jin. And when he went to Ok-hee’s house, the first thing he asked So-jin was if Do-jin is okay.

The Man in the Shadows

This psycho has finally revealed himself. While Hyun-moo was running away from Jae-yi’s house, he accidentally bumped into a guy donned in black and wearing a cap.

The man went to Jae-yi’s garage asking her if she’s okay. And when she tearfully asked for help, he scoffed and the look on his face changed into something dark. Good thing the police sirens were already blaring in the background.

While in the hospital, this same guy took photos of Jae-yi with Ok-hee and So-jin while creepily humming, I’m just not sure if it’s the same song that’s playing in Nak-won’s house when her parents were murdered. He’ll probably send it to Yoon Hee-jae in prison just like what he did in his previous crimes.

After a while, Hyun-moo was shown following a local. But what’s weird is that a guy is also following him and he felt suspicious. And when he’s about to attack the local, this weird guy came out of no where, hit the local with a hammer, removed his mask and nonchalantly said hello to him.

The weird guy then went on lecturing Hyun-moo that if he’d go hiding after stabbing his brother, he shouldn’t have started in the first place. He even told him that he finished off the girl when Hyun-moo hit her once then got scared and fled. He continued how he killed a guy for Hyun-moo’s sake hoping the news would spur him.

This creepy guy introduced himself as someone who was in prison with Hee-jae and that the latter told him that Hyun-moo is a weakling. The scene ended with the pycho telling Hyun-moo that he has no right to be called Hee-jae’s son.

Tipsy Musings

Why do I have this feeling that Hee-jae will turn his eyes to Reporter Park who arrogantly reported everything about his family and spurred nonsense against the infamous serial killer?

Let me bow to actress Seo Jung-yeon for her exemplary performance during the scene where Ok-hee confronted Hee-jae in prison. You can clearly see the wrath and pain in her eyes as she warns Hee-jae that she’ll chew every bone he has if he hurts her children.

And speaking of that scene, I love how Hee-jae was able to make Ok-hee felt guilty for his crime. It showed how brilliant and twisted Hee-jae really is. He told Ok-hee that she must have come to the dog farm 12 years ago and saw how he disposed his female victim. He furthered that Ok-hee could have saved Nak-won’s parents only if she reported him instead of running away. She actually did try to tell it to the police but her fear for So-jin got the best of her.

It looks like Gil Moo-won is onto something. I think he’s slowly solving the puzzle that Hyun-moo is not behind the recent attacks after reviewing the different CCTV footage, including the one when Hyun-moo bumped into the psychopath outside Jae-yi’s house.

Let me finish it up by praising rookie actress Choi Ri’s acting when So-jin got mad at Hyun-moo for what he did to Na-moo. She’ll go places.

Tipsy Findings

For these episodes’ Tipsy Findings, let’s look at the other projects of actress Choi Ri.

Choi Ri debuted in the critically acclaimed movie Spirits’ Homecoming in 2016.

She won the New Rising Star Award at the 53rd Grand Bell Awards for the said film.

In 2017, Choi Ri participated in the hit tvN drama Goblin as Ji Eun-tak’s annoying cousin.

In the same year, she was casted in KBS2’s Witch at Court.

The following year, she appeared in the third episode of JTBC’s Welcome to Waikiki.

Recently, she starred alongside Lee Byung-hun in the movie Keys to the Heart.


❤ With Hee-jae unleashing the monster inside and attacking a prison guard, I’m more than excited to see what’ll happen in the next episodes!


~ Tipsy Ahjumma


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